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Chesterton 03-06-14 10:28 PM

Spoke wrench options for thick spokes
This feels like a dumb question, but I'm at a loss to find an answer online.

Is there a standard spoke nipple size between 3.45mm and 3.96mm? My Pashley Roadster has really thick spokes with nipples that are too big to fit the Park Tool #2 (red) spoke wrench but too loose in the #3 (blue) wrench. My understanding is that a lot of roadsters and Dutch bikes have heavy-duty spokes like this. There must be a wrench that is made for these nipples, rather than requiring an adjustable spoke wrench, right?

FBinNY 03-06-14 10:32 PM

Most multi-size round spoke wrenches have the slots for these. "Better" bike shops often don't sell these declasse tools, so bring the wheel to a "blue collar" or fixit shop, (the kind where staff comes to serve you with grease still on their hands) and have they try a few round poke wrenches until you find the one that works.

JBC353 03-07-14 09:03 AM

The spokes on my Azor Kruisframe are 2.2 mm and the nipples a bit over 4mm and I never did find a spoke wrench to fit them. I ended up enlarging my blue Parks to fit. It was a tedious process as the metal is very hard but it still took less time than I spent hunting online for a spoke wrench.

cny-bikeman 03-07-14 09:24 AM

Google round spoke wrench About 5 seconds to type, .34 seconds for results. Multiple choices with pictures and descriptions.

Chesterton 03-07-14 09:25 AM

I have the Park Tool 3-way wrench, but that just matches their SW-0/1/2 wrenches - all too small for my spokes. I see more promising ones from Hozan and Avenir - I'll give one of them a shot.

JBC353 03-08-14 07:40 AM

So do any of those round spokes wrenches fit a 4mm wide nipple?

nymtber 03-08-14 08:00 AM

If they don't a thin file is your friend. MAKE one fit! They are cheap enough!

PhillipBradshaw 04-30-14 12:05 PM

Hi ; I have a Pashley Roadster and the spoke nipples are indeed a odd size to find a good key for. It seems that Pashley are always going to go "quirky" whenever they can as it is what makes them unique. The spoke key I have is a multi barrel type with six sizes; I know it's not too helpful but the sizes are stamped on as being 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 with the "13" being perfect size for both the front and back wheel.

fietsbob 04-30-14 12:42 PM

Park Tool Co. SW-10 : Adjustable Spoke Wrench : Wheel & Spoke Yes, it's adjustable ..

I have an Older Rollfast adjustable one, the thumbwheel tightens it around the Nip. I use it when the regular ones feel loose..

North Coast Joe 04-30-14 01:01 PM

FWIW, I've built two wheels and trued quite a few using a tiny (100mm) Cresent wrench (adjustable spanner). I have yet to have it slip and round off any nipples. Doesn't take much room in the tool bag, either.

HillRider 04-30-14 01:16 PM

Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16716049)

I was going to suggest that one too but it only goes up to the SW2 size equivalent (0.345 mm). The OP needs something larger.

noglider 04-30-14 01:53 PM

Chances are, one of the round spoke wrenches will work. If it doesn't, chances are a file won't widen a slot, as they are made of very hard steel. I tried sawing my trademark notches in my round spoke wrench and wasn't able to make a tiny scratch.

Looigi 04-30-14 02:04 PM

In a pinch I've used a 4" crescent wrench. With care, it can work, but it's far from convenient.

fietsbob 04-30-14 02:08 PM

Dremel abrasive discs may grind away the steel on those round spoke wrenches ..

of course you can always take the temper out first , then re heat treat it again when you finish ..

seems the SW 10 can be taken apart , the jaw faces ground out a bit more, bench grinder, , then put back together, too ..

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