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tromper 03-07-14 03:29 PM

Ashtabula Crank won't pull
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Hi folks,

I have an Ashtabula crank on an ancient Nishiki Super 5 that doesn't quite want to pull.
I'm mostly inclined to just work around it. Clean it, add some grease & close it, but I was debating fresh bearings as well so it'd be nice to get it apart.
Anybody have a magic trick for these or am I going to have to pull the drivetrain side cup?
If I have to pull the cup any suggestions?

Andrew R Stewart 03-07-14 03:40 PM

Well they got it in at the factory... If you've tried every possible position on the crank to try to remove it from the shell then the next is removing the RH cup. It's easy to hit it from the backside/inside the shell with a drift punch or any long narrow solid shafts/rods. These cups are never really well fitted and pop out quickly after a blow or three. Reassembly is with a clamp to press the cup back in. This can be a threaded rod with spacers/washers to pull on the cups or a couple of pieces of wood and a bench vice or C clamp. It will be awkward with the crank in place but very doable in short order. Andy.

cny-bikeman 03-07-14 03:57 PM

Yes, just pop out the cups. I would not worry terribly about reinstall - not exactly a precision part. You can just take a dead blow hammer or hammer and block of woosd and gradually tap it in without causing problems. In 20 years of working on bikes (plus quite a few more when I was young) I never used a press on an Ashtabula. In the normal situation with the cranks off I put a block of wood accross the cup and then just hit the wood with a dead blow hammer.

tromper 03-08-14 11:16 AM

Thanks folks a chunk of dowel, & a rubber mallet got it "Ford Style"

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