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WK95 03-07-14 04:26 PM

Attaching SKS Raceblade Longs without caliper brakes?

Why size screw would I need in order to mount these SKS Raceblades Long to my bike which uses caliper brakes? Or rather, is that even possible?

jimc101 03-07-14 05:11 PM

Bit confused with your question, does you bike have caliper brakes or not, the title suggest not, the content suggest you do?

If not, if you don't have a brake arch on the frame / brake arch hole on the fork, these won't work for you, as you need this to mount them.

If you have the holes, and no brakes, an M5 bolt/washer/nut will fit, length as required for your frame/forks.

If you do have caliper brakes, the mount slot in between the caliper & frame/fork, there should be enough thread in the pivot nut if these are added so a change won't be needed at the front (pivot nut), there is only one pivot nut size (length, 10.5mm) for the rear, so not an issue.

WK95 03-07-14 05:31 PM

Oops. I meant my bike uses cantilever brakes.

WK95 03-07-14 05:44 PM

My bike is a cyclocross bike so it uses cantileber breaks. There is, however, a mounting point for caliper brakes so I was thinking that I could find an appropriately sized screw to mount the fenders.

WK95 03-09-14 11:42 AM

What size bolt and nut could I use in the holes that are on my bike for caliper brakes? (My bike can mount caliper brakes but uses cantilever brakes.

Kimmo 03-10-14 06:38 AM

You could use a long bolt that goes through the whole fork, or a shorter one just going through one side. Size? Whatever fits - it's only a mudguard.

Hell, you could use a ziptie.

Looigi 03-10-14 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by Kimmo (Post 16564406)
...Hell, you could use a ziptie.

Not really. The bracket is rigid and is the only means of support for the front segments of the fender (both front and rear fenders), so needs to be mounted rigidly.

fietsbob 03-10-14 08:18 AM

front goes over a bolt thru the fork crown, not needing to be a brake bolt, just a bolt.

alcjphil 03-10-14 09:10 AM

Unless you already have those mudguards, they aren't really the best ones for your bike. Those mudguards are designed to fit on road bikes that have limited clearance. This is not the case on a cyclocross bike where you have ample clearance
You would be better off with mudguards like these:

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