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born2pdl 03-07-14 05:35 PM

FSA K-Wing H-Bar; What to do with all these cables?
I'm moving my K-Wing handlebar from my old six-13 to my new madone. Old bike had just one cable routed through the h-bar; new bike has two cables per side to route thru/along h-bar. K-wing only has one internal cable passage. I've had my k-wing only partially wrapped (flat top exposed) for 11 years and enjoy it that way.

I'm thinking of running the brake cable internally as before, and the shifter cable externally to the h-bar under the bar tape. But the bar tape ends short and loose cable will result.

Maybe tape the shifter cable to the bottom of the K-wing, and put a thin loop of tape around the bar near the stem?

I dunno. Do you have suggestions for what to do with these cables? Thanks.

fietsbob 03-08-14 02:02 PM

Dont know the bar , got a picture?

Older STI levers had the shift cable out the side of the lever ,
usually bar tape holds down the brake cable housing on most handlebar setups

IDK anything about those specific FSA K Wing bars , supply more info.

cyclist2000 03-08-14 04:41 PM

I use a couple of bands of electrical tape to hold the cables in place then wrap the bars from the end to the center.I like the cables on the under side close to the front edges it forms a kind of a grip. none of the cables are routed in the handlebar. This is with Campy brifters.

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