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edwardlui531 03-08-14 07:56 PM

help determine the frame
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It is a bianchi somewhat vintage steel frame with a campagnolo veloce crank on it. not sure is it 9s crank or 8s crank. I just cant read what the sign says, which lead to idk what the model is. Please help me out.

fietsbob 03-08-14 08:00 PM

IT'S blue .. And not part of an elephant .

It may not be Italian, EVEN Bianchi went to Taiwan to lower costs , long ago .
is the Right cup Italian 36mm threaded ?

edwardlui531 03-08-14 08:20 PM

it says is made in italy, right cup is counter-clockwise turn to tighten, and it says 1.37x24 which is not Italian thread according sheldon brown

Kimmo 03-10-14 06:43 AM

Is the frame in your possession; are these pics that you've taken?

If so - WTF, man.

Take a whole bunch of pics outside in the day, in the shade if it's not overcast. Show the whole frame, and closeups of every detail.

And cross-post in Classic & Vintage.

demoncyclist 03-10-14 06:48 AM

The thing you can't read is Edouardo Bianchi's signature. That looks like a mid-nineties frame. Depending on the original components, it could be a Veloce, a Campione D'Italia, an Eros, or any other of 1/2 a dozen models. My money is on a Veloce, which came with that Campy componentry on it. I had a 1996 Campione D'Italia, which had 8-speed Mirage on it.

Kimmo 03-10-14 06:51 AM

Well, so much for me scolding the OP for his crap pix.

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