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Mvcrash 03-09-14 10:08 AM

Trek 4900 and Kick Stand
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I would like to put a kick stand on this bike. I'm not sure what will fit. I'm not sure what the bolt is for or if a kick stand will fit at all. Any ideas would be appreciated.

demoncyclist 03-09-14 10:10 AM

That is a fender mounting boss. I would imagine that a Greenfield kickstand would fit there, but have no first hand experience.

Retro Grouch 03-09-14 10:17 AM

When you think "bicycle kickstand" in your mind, especially since you pictured the chainstay area, a Greenfield is probably what you're seeing. I'm 90% sure one will fit there. Any bike shop will have them and probably cheaper than you can buy one over the net. 90% isn't 100%.

dsbrantjr 03-09-14 10:51 AM

That fender boss may interfere with the standard kickstand's bolt. I have had good results with the rear-mount "Stabilizer" stand, also by Greenfield. Scroll down:

lopek77 03-09-14 11:54 AM

Check your chainstay if you have stand mount. It will be near the hub qr, on the left side of the bike. Two holes around 3/4 - 1 inch apart.
Or you may use clamp style stand that clamps to the chain stay tube.
The old type you want to use may/will damage your frame sooner or later, especially on soft material frames. They were OK on steel frames tho...

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