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redbird2 03-09-14 11:15 AM

Civia Dupont handlebars: cut off ends? one important measurement?
Two questions are at the bottom.

Am interested in replacing my black, flat original handlebars on a Cannondale 2011 Quick 4, with something that affords a more upright riding position; also in black. More or less of a North Road bar. ( I am not a DIYer for this purpose; would pay LBS to swap the new bars into place, deal with any cabling issues etc. when the bike goes in the shop for a spring tune-up. )

My favorite LBS does not stock any qualifying bars and said the only qualifying part they could special order, would be the Civia Dupont. I searched the internet for pictures and specs on the Dupont. The special order would be cash in advance and non refundable, so I am trying to make sure the Dupont would really be suitable. Which leads to two questions:

(1) for this bar, how many mm behind the center of the stem, are the bar ends?

Don't want something that could poke me, or force my handgrips to be too close to my trunk. Have spent an hour searching the internet and did not find this measurement for a Dupont, and almost never for any other bar. Surprising to me: I'da thought manufacturers would supply this along with rise in mm, distance between bar ends in mm, etc.

(2) If I get this bar and it appears to be a little bit longer than ideal, is it safe and practical for the LBS to cut some off the bar ends before installing the brake and derailleur levers etc?

Please note, no other reasonably local LBS says they have a suitable bar right now, and I am not inclined to buy mail order.


Retro Grouch 03-09-14 11:33 AM

600 mm wide. That's a skosh wider than a typical mountain bike handlebar. I'd think it would be practical to cut a bit off of each hand grip area if you wanted, but I'd sure want to try it out full length first.

Be sure to get a quote from the shop for the swap. I'm thinking you may need to completely recable the bike so I wouldn't be surprised to see a $100.00 charge in addition to the cost of the handlebar for doing the work.

AnkleWork 03-09-14 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by redbird2 (Post 16562402)
(1) for this bar, how many mm behind the center of the stem, are the bar ends?

Maybe you can scale a photo.

redbird2 03-09-14 01:16 PM

Found a scalable photo

Originally Posted by AnkleWork (Post 16562508)
Maybe you can scale a photo.

Thanks for the suggestion. Found a useful photo at
and after measuring it, believe the rearmost part of the Dupont bars, is about 4.5 inches rearward of the center of the stem. Which would work for me, with this bike/stem.

Now, as to the other poster's suggestion that the recabling might run $100, yes, that _did_ surprise me and make me think possibly to delay the whole "new handlebar" thing.

fietsbob 03-09-14 02:26 PM

try all the components on first, they may be fine. Would use a long MTB type brake lever a full length grip
plus the location for the thumbshifter or grip shifter, and maybe 2 mirrors.. , it may require all that straight portion.

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