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triathloner 03-15-14 02:19 PM

shimano dura ace 9 speed bar end shifters copatability issues
I have a 10 year old road bike that the previous owner changed into a tri bike. They installed 9 speed dura ace bar end shifters and I can't get it to index on all 9 gears. I get 8 usually but it skips one in the middle. The shifter says compatible with RD7700, but the bike has Ultegra rear derailleur # RD6500. Would it work with a RD7700? I'm afraid to drop that kind of coin if it still is going to give me issues. I've had trouble in the past with the 9 speed bar ends. Any hints, tips or tricks? Is there a bar end that is available with the RD6500? Thanks for your help. Al.

bradtx 03-15-14 03:04 PM

triathloner, It'll work, I have the same combination. Basic trouble shooting is verifying RD hanger alignment or a loose replaceable hanger. Cables and cable housing are another possibility. Chain and cassette wear are also included. The jockey (closest to cassette) pulley should have a little wiggle to assist in selecting a cassette cog.


triathloner 03-15-14 04:44 PM

Derailleur is aligned, chain, cassette and chainrings are all great shape, only around 400 miles on the bike. By it will work do you mean if I get a dura ace FD7700, or do you mean I should be able to get the ultegra FD6500 to work. I've tried everything, different cable pull placement on the derailleur, adjusted high and low, you name it. Thanks for the help. Al.

blamester 03-15-14 06:33 PM

I am using that exact combo now and its perfect.
7700 dt shifters and 6500 derailleurs.

Gonzo Bob 03-15-14 08:55 PM

That combination of shifter and rear derailer will work for 9-speed. What the sticker on the shifter means is that it will shift the RD-7400 at 8-speed spacing and the RD-7700 at 9-speed spacing. The cable pull requirements changed for Dura-Ace going from 8-speed to 9-speed. All other Shimano road rear derailers match the RD-7700 cable pull.

Check the cable attachment at the rear derailer. If it is attached incorrectly, the rear derailer will shift at 8-speed spacing and skip a cog (see Shimano Dura-Ace Compatibility - you need "Position A")

triathloner 03-16-14 09:57 AM

Thanks for the help, but probably not what I want to hear because the shifter may be bad then, because I've done the alternate routing, new housing and cable, pretty much everything. The previous owner hardly used this bike so there aren't many miles on it. Another possibility is the rear derailleur itself it feels a little loose, but not bad. Guess I'll keep trying. Thanks.

Jeff Wills 03-16-14 02:30 PM

If it's "missing" one of the intermediate gears, verify that the "friction/SIS" switch on the side of the shifter is all the way towards "SIS". If the center screw is loose, the switch can move out of position and create indexing issues. I've heard of many 9-speed bar-cons being ruined by loose center screws, too- get the biggest screwdriver that will fit and torque that puppy.

If that's not the case, take the shifter off the mount and verify that the indexing washer is correctly oriented. It will fit on the shifter body four ways, but only one it correct. The correct orientation is shown in this PDF:

bradtx 03-16-14 03:02 PM

Al, Shift the RD to the cassette's largest cog, then without pedaling shift the lever downward and you should have eight detents, or clicks through it's full travel. If not the shifter may've been switched from friction to SIS when not at either extreme of it's travel. If you are at either limit of travel, IIRC, you should be able to switch to friction from SIS and back again to regain all eight detents. Is the overshifted gear always the same?


PS Yes, I have the same 7700/6500 combination

triathloner 03-17-14 06:34 AM

Thanks for the help Brad and Jeff. I ran across someone else asking this question years ago and found Jeff's TechDocs there, and verified it is on correctly. I have tightened the Shifter too. I will try switching to friction and back again when at it's fullest detent to see if that makes a difference. I guess at least it's too cold to ride and I love wrenching so I'll be back in the garage tonight.

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