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Jonathan Hanson 04-02-14 01:17 PM

Trouble mounting Berthoud handlebar bag
I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the section that covers randonneuring, but . . .

I have a Berthoud handlebar pack with a rack that mounts around the steerer tube (old Sekai, one-inch steerer). I've also converted the bike to centerpull brakes, which necessitated a cable hanger that also mounts around the steerer tube. And there is no room for both underneath the lock nut on my headset. Does anyone have suggestions on alternatives for either the bag rack or the cable hanger?


fietsbob 04-02-14 01:50 PM

This seems what the hip brevet kids get Racks & Decaleurs - Accessories

mount is the headset spacer stack VO Decaleur Kits - Racks & Decaleurs - Accessories

rack supports the bag bottom

this one supports the bag from the rack

VO Randonneur Front Rack with Integrated Decaleur

the fork crown mounted housing stop. considered? its an arm coming up from the bolt hole thru the fork crown

Jonathan Hanson 04-02-14 06:18 PM

Thanks for the reply. That Velo Orange mount is the one I have, and on my threaded headset there isn't enough room for it and the brake cable hanger. I had a Blackburn bag ages ago that used a wire mount that threaded over the handlebars; I was hoping I'd find something like that. The front rack with the integrated decaleur might work, although I'd have to clamp the lower legs to my forks - they have no brake braze-ons. If nothing else turns up I might try it.

rowebr 04-02-14 06:48 PM

A few pictures would be helpful for us to give good advice. I'm confused about whether you have a rack plus decaleur or just a rack...

Jonathan Hanson 04-04-14 02:47 PM

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Sorry - here's the issue. You can see that with the front brake cable hanger in place, there's no room for the decaleur under the lock nut of the headset. I need either a cable hanger or a decaleur that does not attach via the headset.

dbg 04-04-14 03:02 PM

Can you use a cable hanger that mounts to the hole on the fork bridge?

fietsbob 04-04-14 03:17 PM

yea lose that one in the headset stack , fit one that uses the fork crown and bolts to it.

or a bag mount using the Cinelli 1A bolt , Is Nitto similar?

they tighten from the back, sleeve nut, so where the front is the keyed bolt head is flat
stock ..

another can be fabricated with extension to the offer the decaleur function

a custom shop job perhaps ..

bikeman715 04-04-14 03:33 PM

You could loss the spacer in the headset and use the cable hanger in it place then you should have the room need for decaleur to fit .

SBinNYC 04-04-14 06:28 PM

Gilles Berthoud also makes a decaleur. It attaches to the quill stem. It replaces the bolt that holds the handlebar.

I see very little thread showing on that steerer. You've got a notched lock washer below your hanger. Most hangers are also notched. If yours is, then you can remove the Campy lock washer.

Jonathan Hanson 04-05-14 09:05 AM

Thanks very much for the replies. I did remove the spacer shown in the photo, but there was still insufficient thread left on the steerer tube. I was not aware of brake cable hangers that attach to the fork; I'll search for one, and also look up the Berthoud decaleur - didn't know about that either. One or the other solution should take care of the situation.

southpier 04-08-14 05:47 PM

if you call Boulder, the guys will walk you through it. New Page 1

spent 45 minutes with me on the phone last week, bag & decaleur got here Monday, and everything fit!

Jonathan Hanson 04-08-14 09:36 PM

I finally found the GrandBois/Nitto decaleur, here, which attaches through the handlebar stem bolt—perfect solution. It's on the way now. Thanks for the replies!

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