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bikerider3 04-04-14 08:20 AM

slime tube patches
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How do i apply these blue slime patches that come in a can? THey have film on the blue side, and nothing on the rubber side.

They dont seem very good but are cheap. And the edges peel up. I cut them into a circle. Not sure if im putting the right side down. I just figured out i had to let the glue try but it didnt mention that in the instructions before i threw them out. These other ones i got with the orange around them stick great but cost more and you only get a few.

Anyone know where to get these orange ringed patch type ones and rubber cement in bulk for cheap?

But yea my main question is which side goes down blue or black, and do these type stick longterm?

bikerider3 04-04-14 09:05 AM

I think ive figured out the blue side goes down. Seems to be holding well.

Bill Kapaun 04-04-14 09:22 AM

You need to peel off the backing obviously.
Cleaning the glue area of the tube well is imperative to a patch holding well, Sandpaper works MUCH better than the little metal scraper.

The "orange ring" patch is likely a REMA. The only kind I use on MY bikes anymore. They may cost more, but they simply work so much better. Especially if you use THEIR glue. (vulcanizing fluid)

See if your LBS has the REMA "tourist" kit. I think it has 5 patches, glue & sandpaper all in one.
That would give you the opportunity to "correctly" use a REMA patch.
Besides working very well, you can patch on a patch because of the feathered edge. Not something that usually works with cheap patches that are akin to gluing "bricks" on your tube.

bikerider3 04-04-14 09:31 AM

Nice! Actually the orange ringed ones i have are also a slime kit but i see how they work so much better than these "bricks" its like the edges melt into the rubber.

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