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jsdavis 04-05-14 07:42 PM

Ticking from BB
I have a bike with Shimano 105 5600-series external BB and triple crank. Bike is Trek and the crank and BB are original.

If I'm pedaling hard there will be a tick when the cranks are approximately parallel to the downtube on both sides. A few weeks ago I fixed it by removing the crankset and both BB cups. I checked the torque on the chainring bolts and they were fine. I cleaned the grease inside the BB shell.

For reassembly I applied Superlube grease on the BB threads inside the BB as well as on the threads of the BB cups. I threaded in the cups and torqued them 30-35 ft-lbs. I used a beam-type torque wrench and the Park BB tool. I then put a film of grease on the crank spindle - I tapped it a couple times with a rubber mallet and block of wood on the drive side. I put a bit of grease inside the non-drive side arm and slid the arm into place. I tightened the plastic fastener only until there was no more play in the arm and then fastened down the two bolts alternating 1/2 turn on each side.

This solved the ticking noise for about 2 weeks during which I rode about 100 miles. The ticking noise is back with the same symptoms. Did I do something wrong or forget something? Or is there soemthing else I need to look at?

cannondale125 04-05-14 07:47 PM

Sounds like you need to replace bb.

gsa103 04-05-14 08:06 PM

Check to make sure the extra length of front derailleur cable isn't clipping the crank arm. It sounds stupid, but its really aggravating. Makes a nice tick every pedal revolution....

Andrew R Stewart 04-05-14 10:26 PM

You went through almost all the fittings the first time around. What's left are pedals, chain ring bolts. Take these apart/lube them. Not that they are deffenantly the problems but... Other areas of concern are- BB bearings as mentioned already, retorquing the LH arm on the spindle (and those pinch bolts lubing), the fit between the spindle and the bearing IDs. Of course the tick could be from other then the crank area also. these noises are sometimes hard to track down. And not always a bad thing happening. Sometimes a bike makes noise. BTW how are the rings, cogs and chain? Andy.

RandomTroll 04-06-14 01:13 PM

I had a ticking that happened when I pedaled recently. I couldn't find any cause. Then a spoke on my rear wheel broke: problem solved - at least until I break the spoke I replaced or build a new wheel (on my calendar.)

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