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Double0757 08-27-14 10:44 PM

Building racing wheel with a dynamo hub! Help choosing spoke count.
It's an experiment! I would like to keep the performance as close to what I have now on my Giant Carbon fiber bike. It has nice light and fast wheels (700c Mavic rims and hub with bladed spokes, 24 holes with straight lacing). I would like to run dynamo lights to use for long night rides, without sacrificing much of the performance. Yes I know I would loose some to the dynamo, but want it to be a light and strong enough for me.

I thought of using this front hub and a Mavic open pro CD or a Mavic CXP33 rim (to match the rear). Both come in 28, 32 or 36 hole spoke, as the Shutter Precision (SP) Dynamo hub, that comes on 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 holes also. I would be using straight double butted 2mm/1.5 stainless steel spokes (would not match with the rear bladed spokes, but that's ok)

The bike weights 17.5 lb, I myself weight 185lb and I carry maybe 10-15lb at the most on the bike when I go commuting or long rides(4 hours).

My questions:
What would be a proper spoke count for a light strong wheel for this bike?
And what kind of lacing would you use?
Any other suggestion on rims or spokes? Needs to be at least black.

Don't know if to make this my first real wheel build or to let the pro build it!

Thanks for the help in advance!

Double O

FBinNY 08-27-14 11:39 PM

It's a front wheel so you have plenty of latitude, since it's hard to underbuild fronts. Don't over think this because the only way to go wrong is to build it heavier than necessary. Your spoke choice is fine and I'd go 28h with either rim, and build it with a 2x pattern.

RandomTroll 08-28-14 03:14 AM

Would a spare set of batteries be more efficient? I carry spare batteries.

Double0757 08-28-14 03:53 AM

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Originally Posted by RandomTroll (Post 17077580)
Would a spare set of batteries be more efficient? I carry spare batteries.

This is what I presently do! The pattern of the Cygolight 700 it's not as good as B&M 80 lux pattern. Which would allow me to go faster and have double the illumination when rain or very dark roads.

Maybe a better pattern battery operated light with bigger or detached battery? However, I like the system backup, like I have on my regular commuter! And if it doesn't workout, I have a 1987 Brigstone cromoly bike that would benefit from its present rim and hub front wheel.

Here is a picture!

davidad 08-28-14 08:30 AM

At a vehicle weight of 220lbs a minimum of 28 spokes would be OK. More would be better. In turns and when breaking the front wheel comes under heavy loads.

fietsbob 08-28-14 10:20 AM

I have 2_32 spoke wheels Schmidt Hubs black, anodized .. 1, 26" , and 1, 20" ..

and a Shimano-Brompton wheel in my Folding bike , its 28 hole

Road bike ? want to keep it light? how about these hubs in wheels, they would build and ship ..

SON XS designed around radial spokes

the 3 ones on the right side are standard 100mm axle, the rest are 74mm folding bike width.

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