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halimec05 04-02-05 05:32 PM


Rev.Chuck 04-02-05 05:54 PM

That is what it is for. Once you get the axle out you should be able to pop the seals out with a screwdriver. There is a tool that is length of rod with the end ground rounded and then bent back into a tight J shape. You could make one of these for popping out seals. It is easier on them a screwdriver as, if you make it right, it levers against the interior of the hub rather than the edge of the seal. Sometimes a wide blade screwdriver will catch the lip of the race and you can twist the seals out that way as well.

Bike_13 04-03-05 08:18 PM

Hmm, not sure about the new ones, but DA has always been a significant step up in quality over other Shimano offerings .....

Rev.Chuck 04-03-05 08:28 PM

The nine speed fronts are a pain to get apart, they made everything out of alluminum so it is a little thicker to get the strength back up and they had to slot the cones to clear the bearings for assembly. So you end up wiggling it a bit to get everything in position.

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