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Geeoh 04-06-05 02:37 PM

FSA SL-K Compact MegaExo compatible with Ultegra 9 Speed?
Does anyone know if the FSA Compact SL-K MegaExo cranks are compatible with Ultegra 9-speed shifters and cassette? I don't want to invest in a whole new 10 speed system and I cannot find this information anywhere including the FSA site. Thanks for any help.

Metro 04-06-05 02:44 PM

That's is because FSA has divested itself from Shimano due to Shimano's proprietary behavior. They no longer make the Octalink compatible crank, but there are a few out there, but no new ones coming from FSA. I have FSA Team Issue Carbon cranks. I have a 9 speed 105 and they work well together. I just installed it last month and have been very pleased.

Geeoh 04-06-05 06:26 PM

Thanks - although as this crankset has an integrated bottom bracket, it shouldn't matter if it isn't Octalink compatible.... unless I am missing something....

Rev.Chuck 04-06-05 07:30 PM

Are you talking about compact as in 50-34? Like for a cyclocross bike? The only issue you might have is sloppy shifting on the front as the curve of the der is not perfect to the chain ring. Some of our cross racers run an XTR for a 48t ring. Personally I don't think you will have any problems.

khuon 04-06-05 07:33 PM

IRD also makes a compact FD that might be worth checking out.

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