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bigredkevbot 01-15-15 10:18 AM

Cateye Computer with Cadence - Cadence not working?
Hi All,

I recently purchased a Cateye Strada Cadence cyclecomputer for a number of reasons, one of the primary ones being that when I am using a trainer, it's very helpful to know my cadence. Anyways, I set it up and everything works fine except for the cadence sensor. I tried flipping the magnet on the crank arm so it faces towards the sensor and I tried slipping the rubber pad under the sensor itself to make the spacing closer. I can post pictures later tonight, but any preliminary thoughts?


big red

Phlorida 01-15-15 11:01 AM

The magnet isn't close enough to the sensor or the sensor is bad.

jimincalif 01-15-15 11:04 AM

What is the distance between the magnet on the crank arm and the cadence sensor on the chainstay? I think the Cateye requires this be no more than 3mm. And the magnet has to like up with the line on the sensor.

Jicafold 01-15-15 12:38 PM

I agree with the above. I've had this problem before and solved it by getting the magnet as close as physically possible. You could shim it even more or try a larger/different magnet off another system if you have another lying around.

ModeratedUser17082018 01-16-15 12:48 AM

I used a rare earth magnet that's super strong instead of the supplied weak magnet. This allows a much greater distance between magnet and sensor. You could even add 2 magnets for more power to the sensor. If you go with the rare earth magnet, look for the type that has a hole for easier removal if necessary.

You could also have a faulty sensor or wire if it's a wired version. I'd try to fix the magnet/sensor distance first.

coupster 01-17-15 08:59 AM

Find a round refrigerator type magnet and put it on the end of the pedal spindle. It should stick. (I put a dab of silicone caulk on mine just to be sure.) This will significantly reduce the distance between the magnet and the sensor. Also the magnet won't slide, like it will if its zip tied to the crank. Unless you knicked one of the wires, playing with the magnet to sensor distance should fix your problem

cradom 01-19-15 07:00 AM

Also be careful with wires if it's wired. I had to replace the harness on mine because the zip ties were too tight.
Now I use tape.

pdlamb 01-20-15 12:07 PM

Last guess, make sure the head is securely in its seat. It's possible to lose either cadence or speed if the computer head isn't fully seated, although that's usually after it's some years old.

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