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Tandem Dual Brakes

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Tandem Dual Brakes

Old 03-16-15, 11:14 PM
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Tandem Dual Brakes

I have a Co-Motion Supremo Tandem. I would like to fir Shimano XTR M988 ISpec-B Brakes with Icetech 203mm Rotors. I would also like to use dual braking on the front and operate my dura-ace calliper brake along with my XTR hydraulic brake. As anyone ever done this or offer any advice?
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Old 03-17-15, 02:16 AM
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I have seen tandem brake levers with dual wires. Perhaps one adds two calipers in series.

I wonder if one of the problems with different types of brakes, wired calipers + hydraulic disc is that it would be tough to get both of them adjusted perfectly.

One might do one wire pulling a yoke that would then pull two wires independently. That would give some auto-balancing, but it would still be problematic with two vastly different brake types. However, one could run the yoke off-center, giving more power to the wire connecting closest to the center (pulling wire).

Of course, you would also need some kind of wire ==> hydraulic conversion which is one common type of bike brakes.
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Old 03-17-15, 06:02 AM
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I agree with Cliff- balancing braking force between two really different brakes will be a challenge.

Does the fork even have a mount for a caliper brake?
Jeff Wills

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Old 03-17-15, 07:12 AM
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I"ve seen it on tandem mtn bikes. They just run two levers one mounted from the outside of the bar and one mounted normally so that the levers meet in the middle. Of coarse I can't find a pic now.
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Old 03-17-15, 07:47 AM
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Yes, balancing the brake action in a single lever can be tricky. My 1983 Gitane tandem has front and rear cantilever brakes and a rear drum brake. The cantilever are operated by a single lever because the pull ratio is quite different for the drum brake. It works ok, but we don't have any tricky mountain roads to negotiate around here.

Another option is to allow the stoker to operate brakes with their own levers. Have the captain run one set of brakes and the stoker the other. Be sure to work on communication, though...
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Old 03-17-15, 07:56 AM
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203 disc rotors should be enough to stop. With as large as you can go in the back. Xtrs are great brakes.
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Mechanically Possible , though not personally Tried ..

Now with the under stem cable to hydraulic converters , and a cable pull splitter [QBP]- its possible to get 1 cable to operate 2 hydraulic brakes.

But will it function to your satisfaction is unknown.

Magura Has 1 to operate their 2 rim brakes Hydraulically, TRP and several other companies have a cable to hydraulic hose to Disc caliper set.

Not Shimano Products , so not as OP desires .. the D-A brifters may be retained though..

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Old 03-17-15, 09:44 AM
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The usual set up when a tandem has more then one brake on the same wheel is for one brake to act as the drag brake. In this arrangement the drag brake is applied for relatively long periods of time to keep the speed in check (so when a real stop is needed the other brakes are cool and effective). To make this apploication easier for the team the drag brake is often either controlled by a shift lever with friction holding or as a third lever the stoker operates. (Of course this "standard' was from the cable only era). And as mentioned the differing cable pull needs of different brake designs make joining the different brakes with a single lever problematic. Even joining the same brake design but front and rear versions has it's balancing challenges.

Having three brake levers on the handlebars (two hydraulic and one cable) will be a location and reach well nightmare. I'd never suggest that a rim brake be attached to a shift lever with friction holding ability (the rims/pads could heat up far too much without the captain realizing it). And I would never suggest a drag brake on a front wheel anyway.

I am curious as to the reasoning why the OP wants this arrangement. In the end there is still the same (or very nearly so) tire contact patches that the braking is working with and the far greater inertia of the tandem to deal with. Yes, I know of the claims of better panic stopping of the tandem due to the pitch over reduction with the longer wheelbase and more rear weight bias. My stoker hopes that we never need to discover that capability and would blame my piloting skills long before complimenting my stopping skills should a panic stop of that magnitude ever occur.

Andy (who is looking forward to adding to his 40,000 miles of two up riding soon)
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Old 03-17-15, 11:19 AM
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So maybe the Stoker can have the drag brake lever? the one disc brake on the rear hub..

As I recall past setups adding a single bar end shifter pulling the drag brake was an optional setup.. Tandem forum seems to like TRP Spyre. dual acting cable disc caliper.
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