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NoWhammies 04-14-19 07:07 PM

NoWhammies 2019 ride log
Well let's see how this goes and how diligent I am about writing about my rides.

Already had a few rides this year, getting in an early ride in January with a new power meter. Then the rains hit I was off my bike until March. A couple more rides in March and then another ride today.

Today's ride was quick. Just 41k as I had other errands to run. But it felt good to get out and get a ride in, even if it was short. Hopefully, the weather will hold and I'll manage to get in some rides after work this week.

NoWhammies 04-16-19 09:27 AM

Managed to get a 60k ride in last night before the sun set. I went out with a goal in mind of keeping my watts above a certain level and I'm happy to say that I did. The ride had a lot of rollers, but I made the most of it by building up speed on the downs, then using that momentum on the ups.

Worst part of the ride? Leaving my water bottles at home and then having to stop at a store to purchase a Powerade.
Best part of the ride? Feeling strong and just having a good ride.

This is/was the first ride of year where I didn't wear knee warmers. Felt strange to be 'exposed' like that, but then again I suppose first rides of the year in shorts always do.

I have not been doing much with my power meter readings. Just watching them as I ride and then forgetting about them once I get home. As the summer progresses I need to give some thought to importing the information in to Golden Cheetah and doing some evaluations.

NoWhammies 04-17-19 09:28 AM

Rained out yesterday, damn it! The plan had been to get a bit hill climbing in. Nothing too serious, but at least start on doing SOMETHING hill related. Gesh.

NoWhammies 04-18-19 09:15 AM

Tired. So very tired. I was dragging my butt when I arrived home from work and dragged it as I got ready to ride.

My tiredness must have been reflected from the weather as I was only 20mins in my ride when the rain hit. Nothing too crazy. Just a light sprinkle. But the rain was enough to detract from my original plan which was to do some hill repeats/climbing. Instead I managed to get in 35k ride and get home before the skies opened up. Which probably was a good thing since the ride was a bit of a struggle. Just didn't have any power or strength.

On the plus side I saw a few club riders out. So obviously others were trying to make the most of the limited daylight/summer too.

NoWhammies 04-21-19 11:14 PM

No riding this weekend. Family matters. Which, while nice, is too bad since the weather was PERFECT to get out on the bike. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get some rides in this week after work.

NoWhammies 04-24-19 10:41 PM

Had a good ride tonight. An easy 50k. Did a bit of climbing, which I've been aching to do for a while now. Nothing too crazy. Just over 600m. But good for an after work ride. Saw a couple of riders out, but nowhere near the volume I thought I would. What with it being a Wednesday and all, I figured there would be riders out all over the place tonight.

Legs felt good and I kept my average watts at a level I was happy with, especially considering I wasn't out for a hammer fest. About the only thing I can complain about the ride is the chilliness on the way down from the climb. If I'd done any more climbing, I'd have wanted to bring a toque with me to keep the ears warm on the descent.

Bike is working ok. Need to lube the chain and do some light maintenance on the bike. There is some slight noise coming from the drive train so I need to get the bike on the stand and take a look. Hopefully it is nothing serious and I'm able to make a quick/minor adjustment.

NoWhammies 04-26-19 11:08 PM

Finally managed to get some climbing in! Total ride distance, 70k. Total elevation, 1,100m.

I felt good on the ride. Just slow and steady as I did my climb. The ride up was good, but the ride down. Wow. I thought I'd planned well as far as staying warm was concerned. Um, yeah, not quite. My hands freaking froze on the way down! The only way I could have avoided the freezing hands would have been to bring a second set of gloves with me. But not having a second set of five finger gloves meant I was pretty much boned.

That said, packing a toque up with me was brilliant as my painters hat was soaked with sweat and would have been BRUTAL on the way down. Also, I didn't plan my eye wear all that well. There was definitely not enough sun for sunglasses so the whole ride seemed rather dark/dim.

There is still snow up on the mountain too. Interesting to now that last year when I did this ride, daytime temps at the bottom were 22 degrees. Today? 13 degrees. Just a bit of a change.

Knee warmer - good idea.
Two layers - good idea.
Boot covers - good idea.
Toque - good idea.
Two pair of gloves on the way up - good idea.
Same pair of gloves on the way down - bad idea!

All in all though, was a good ride. Glad I am finally getting some climbing in.

NoWhammies 04-27-19 09:40 PM

Wind. Tons and tons of wind today. That said I still managed to get in 100k ride. But man, the wind never let up! Riding over the bridge in the AM I was having a hard time breathing. The wind was sucking/whipping the air away before I could get a breath. Luckily for me, it wasn't like this all day/morning.

The good thing about this ride though is I rode with Dom and Steve. I hadn't ridden with them in a while, so it was nice to ride with friends again. And, they introduced me to a new little coffee shop off the beaten path. Very cool!

The ride wasn't a fast ride, but that's ok. It was just nice to get out and a 100k in under my belt. Still working on my sit bones though. At approx 60k sitting on my saddle most definitely was NOT comfortable. I think it is time to get a new saddle. I was looking at my saddle while oiling my chain and I can see the scuff marks in the leather from where I bit it years ago. Plus in looking at the rails, all of the paint(?) has worn off. That AND the saddle is permanently bent to the shape of my butt. Going to have to look saddles at the LBS and see what they can recommend.

Also, once I was back home I cleaned and lubes the chain. After riding in light/drizzling rain, not to mention through puddles and sand, the chain was a right mess. Took me longer than I thought to clean everything up, but now the chain is sparking clean. I used the Park Dummy Hub for the first time (thank you Santa) and it worked well enough once I figured it out.

Good ride today. Dressed for the elements well enough (warm weather gloves, knee warmers, 2 x base layers, jacket, toque, bibs, booties). I thought I was under dressed when I started, but turns out everything worked out ok.

What's cool about this image from the coffee shop is there was a road race going on. And we were at the finish line, so we had a live band to listen to as we chowed down on our mid-rid snacks.

NoWhammies 05-04-19 10:38 PM

After being off my bike for a week I wasn't sure how far I wanted to ride today. I know I wanted to get out and hopefully hit 100k, but I wasn't sure if my legs would take me that far. The good news? I ended up riding 115k! However when I finished my ride my legs were spent!

Initially I thought I had dressed poorly for the ride. Turns out, I dressed just right.
  • Knee warmers
  • Toque
  • Under Armour
  • Base Layer
  • Warmer jacket/jersey
  • 5 finger gloves
  • Booties
I might have been able to get away from wearing the booties, but at least this way my feet were warm for the ride. NOTHING is worse than having cold feet.

Summer has definitely landed in my part of the world, as there were many MANY riders and clubs out today. I do miss the days when riding was a fringe sport and people freaked out when you told them you rode 100k on Saturday. Now people assume I'm training for a century ride when I tell them the distance I've ridden. <sigh>.

Saw Bruce out on the bike today. He's getting back in to riding again. I'll have to catch up with him for a ride.

I think my saddle has had it. After 50k I was starting to get some sit bone pain. Not good, especially this early in the season.

NoWhammies 05-08-19 10:10 AM

Just an easy ride last night. 35k. Relaxed pace.

I didn't get out on the road as early as I would have liked. So this was just an opportunity to stretch the legs and spin. Plus by leaving a little later at night, there was less traffic on the road. All in all a good little spin.

NoWhammies 05-10-19 08:47 AM

Did 65k yesterday but it was a TERRIBLE 65k. I decided to work out with the club and do hill repeats. Where to start with the problems...
  • Flats
  • Computer didn't have the proper screens for the workouts
  • Missed the group because of the flat and then I was so focused on the flat happening again that I didn't workout properly
Basically I was a fish out of water. Not good.

The only saving grace of this ride is that the sealant eventually kicked in and blocked the hole in the tyre. And continues to hold. So no need to replace the tyre. Plus the weather was spectacular. Garmin recorded a temperature in the low 20ies which kicks ass.

I'm hoping that this is my one bad ride for the season done and out of the way.

NoWhammies 05-10-19 11:45 PM

A few points about today's 135k ride.

1. Doing a ride like this after 65k hill repeats was PAINFUL
2. Not wearing sun screen in the first intense sun of May was dumb on my part.
3. I went through six water bottles worth of fluids. Yes. Six. Today was hot hot hot.
4. I cracked at about the 110k mark. It was not pretty.
5. I think I'm starting to get saddle sores.

That aside, today was a gorgeous day. 135k ride. Great views. Nice route. I think my rear tyre is not holding air, so I'll need to check the sealant and either put in a plug, pull the tyre, or see if the sealant does the trick/job.

NoWhammies 05-12-19 10:24 PM

Went for a nice quiet ride with the wife. 35k. Nothing crazy. Just a slow ride to get out and enjoy the weather/afternoon.

The BH had a flat and I couldn't be bothered to change it before heading out, so I took the Gallium out for a ride. The Gallium felt different at first, but after riding for a bit any awkwardness was gone. It's too bad Argon18 didn't have a bike that fit my needs when I bought the BH. Not that I dislike the BH - it is a AMAZING bike - but the Argon18 was also a nice bike to ride.

Still burnt to a crisp from the ride earlier in the week, so it is probably a good thing the afternoon was clouded over.

NoWhammies 05-23-19 09:34 AM

After blowing up The Wife's bike (cassette issues) and then fixing them, I managed to get out for a 62k ride. Nothing too fancy. Just an out and back to take in the nice weather before dusk hit.

My Garmin 520 didn't want to turn on for some reason. So I left the computer at home and just rode. Turns out the computer needed a reset and that was accomplished by holding the power button down for 15 seconds. Glad it worked out as I was not in the mood to purchase a new computer!

Wore the new BH jersey tonight too. Yes, the jersey is a little big. But I'm able to get in the back pockets ok and it isn't like the jersey is horribly huge. Plus sending it back was just prohibitively expensive. So a new jersey it is!

The new/used rear tyre is holding air ok, the new lube up chain is changing gears ok, so all in all it wasn't a bad ride.

NoWhammies 05-25-19 06:39 PM

Hill repeats with the club. I am still figuring out how to settle in with the right group pace wise. And I am still trying to figure out my pace. By that I mean going out at the right speed instead of going out too quick and then blowing up. I have a lot of learning to do.

That said, the ride/training was good. Total ride distance was 64k from home, to the hills for the workout, and back. Legs were a little sore the next day, but that's ok. All good.

Looking forward to the next workout!

NoWhammies 05-26-19 10:29 PM

Well. Today was my first club ride of the year. 70k or so. I was nervous about the ride because it's been over seven years since I did any pace line/club rides. Plus I was not sure where I would self-seat. In the fast group? Semi fast group? Where? And of course being new is always nerve wracking.

Turns out the ride was great. I settled in with the fast group just fine. We did some rolling pace line work on the way back and that helped shoulder the otherwise BRUTAL ride nicely. Darren did a good job of being our ride leader and the people I met were all very friendly.

Bike handled well. I handled myself in the pace line well. And coffee after was a good chance to get to know people better. All in all a nice start to the week.

Only complaint, and it is minor, is the distance was not that far.

NoWhammies 05-28-19 11:28 AM

80k after work. Managed to get home about 20-25mins before sunset. Looking at my numbers after I gotta say I'm happy with power output and average speed.

Legs though. Legs are tired from riding the day before. I didn't think my legs would be as sore as they were but what can you do. Also, traffic along the highway was light, which was nice. I was worried I'd be fighting with cars for the whole ride.

I dragged it on the way back mind you. Not sure if it was that I didn't eat enough before/during the ride, or just overall tiredness since this was my second workout of the day...

Only downside is I fear saddle sores are on their way. Either way or my sit bones have become REAL soft over the winter.

NoWhammies 05-30-19 07:48 AM

Hill climbing night last night. 34k in total, from home to the top of the hill/mountain, and back.

My aim of the ride was to keep a consistent power output over the duration of the ride. I did ok in this goal, but not great. I'm blaming the lack of warm-up. Basically I left the house, did a couple K's of warm-up and then started climbing. The legs definitely weren't ready.

I did plan for the ride well though. Arm warmers, five finger gloves, and a vest were all worn for the down. And man, was the down EVER quick. I saw quite a few riders huffing it up the mountain too. Nice to know I'm not the only glutton for punishment.

The battery in my PM died too after 1,600+ km. Not sure if that's good battery life or not.

NoWhammies 05-31-19 03:58 PM

Went and had a bike fit yesterday. I felt my bike fit me fine, but was worried about saddle sores. And since it felt like they were starting again, off to the bike fitter I went.

She did quite the change. Dropped the saddle. Dropped the bars. Move my cleats forward. Moved the brakes/hoods in closer. All in all I feel a lot more compact on the bike. The bike is very VERY different from when I went in.

The fit was neat. She hooked me up to a system that electronically monitored by riding position and style. Then she made the tweaks and the whole process would repeat.

Still haven't gone for a ride, so no telling if the changes are good or bad.

I bought a new saddle - Specialized Romin - as my other saddle had pretty much had it.

NoWhammies 06-03-19 11:59 AM

Awesome weekend of riding.

106k at Flying Wheels on Saturday. This was an easy ride. Didn't get worked up to much and just rode with Mrs. NoWhammies. Plan was to spend time riding together and we did that.

Sunday morning I woke up early and did some hill riding. I did 4 on and 4 off all the way to the top. I was GASSED when I finally did make it to the top though. Hopefully all of this hill training is paying off and I'm getting stronger.

Garmin is still reporting 100% power output on the right side, which is off since the PM is on the left side. Still trying to figure that out. I called 4iiii and they said I'm not the only one having the problem. Looks like the issue came up after the most recent software upgrade. Hopefully they fix the issue soon as it is annoying.

NoWhammies 06-07-19 09:52 AM

Ugh. Hill climbs last night. 68k ride in total, including riding to the mountain, doing the climbs, and then riding home. Workout was 2mins between 60% and 85% MAP, then 30secs above MAP. Repeat four times, come down the mountain and repeat three times.

Was a good workout. My legs were gassed by the end of the night. Climbing the stairs at home was a chore too. Good times.

NoWhammies 06-08-19 05:35 PM

100 very easy K with the with today. Was supposed to be 130 but it started spitting and Mrs. NoWhammies was worried we were going to get caught in a downpour. So back home it was. Still, 100k is a 100k.

NoWhammies 06-09-19 09:42 PM

41k ride today at the Wine Ride. Good ride. Good weather. Good wine. No complaints.

We were up early to make sure we arrived at the start line on time. My bike is starting to make some kind of strange noise as I ride it. I think/hope the noise is caused by the lack of lube on the chain. I need to give the drive train a full clean, lube, and then see how it goes.

NoWhammies 06-10-19 10:26 PM

Hill repeats tonight.
2mins off, 30 secs on, repeat to the top.

I felt pretty good actually. And by doing a workout as I climb up the mountain, the ride up is a lot more interesting than just a simple ride.

Lovely night. Good workout. Total distance from home and back 68k. All in all not too shabby for an after work ride. Weather was beautiful.

NoWhammies 06-14-19 09:57 AM

Weds - 121k of riding. The ride out was good. The ride back, killer. I cracked around the 96k mark. I think the heat and poor fueling, plus a lack of liquids, got to me. That said, it was nice to get out for a long straight ride with very little in the way of traffic lights and traffic.

Thrs. - 72k and hill repeats. The 72k includes riding out to the hill, doing the repeats, and heading home. My legs were thrashed from Weds, but it was still nice to get out and do a workout.

Saddle sores are starting to crop up. I need to figure out how to deal.

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