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Barry2 09-07-21 06:17 PM

Originally Posted by Ed Wiser (Post 22219840)
The problem would mean a whole different type of controller. With ability for you to turn off the power meter built into the controller. If power petals are used.

Originally Posted by Barry2 (Post 22219782)
Well I found the fix.
It's called a Garmin Edge 830.

Fixed, without the addition of a whole new controller.
It simply requires the Wahoo Roam head unit to understand sensor priority.

My wahoo Roam doesn't prioritize the Cadence coming from my "Tickr X" HRM over the Cadence from my Stages dual PM. I don't have to unpair the "Tickr X" to make the Roam ignore it.
(Yes, the "X" version of the Tickr HRM does output Cadence for both running and cycling)
However if the Stages PM is not around, the Roam will happily use the "Tickr X" cadence and display it in the correct RPM field.
Weirded me out the first time it did it. :)


Barry2 11-21-21 08:06 PM

F/W update
Not sure what the bike does with weight. Can't find where to enter weight.
But it's fixed !

KICKR BIKE Firmware v1.25.0 - 17 November, 2021
  • Fixed: User weight incorrectly resetting

Bolo Grubb 12-31-21 03:49 PM

thanks for posting all this, it helped me to decide to go ahead and buy one.

I am only a few years younger then you so your perspective was very informative.

Looking forward to your next post

Barry2 12-31-21 06:17 PM

Thanks for letting me know.
It makes it worth while. Pop back if you get questions.

I've not been really active here this year but I have been busy on the bike.
I just hit 5,001 miles for the year, so I'm very happy.

Happy New Year to all


Bolo Grubb 01-05-22 07:33 PM

I just got my Kickr Bike today. I think I have it all set up correctly but will likely be tweaking the fit for the next several days. I used the "take a picture of your road bike" method of fitting but mixed up my millimeters and centimeters for the wheel base. I blame the lack of caffeine :p

and then when I thought I had it all set right I found I had not tighten both the quick releases enough. My saddle slowly sank and my handlebars just dropped fast. both seem to be holding for now. I see others have reported problems with the handlebars staying in place, so I shall see.

My first real ride on it will be in the morning

Barry2 01-06-22 11:48 AM

I have a very early (Dec 2019) Kickr Bike. I've not idea if the seat and bar clamps were change during the production run. But that being said, I've never had an issue with either slipping.
Oh, and I'm not a light weight. I've spent my time in the Clydesdale Forum!
My first suggestion (untested) would be to try some carbon assembly paste.

After a couple of professional fits on my Road bike, it's very well dialed in.
So using a 4' T-square and a 3' ruler I measured the Roadie using the center of the Bottom Bracket as the reference point.
I then manually transferred those measurements to the Kickr Bike.
I even replaced the Wahoo saddle with one identical to the Road bike.

In summary, my Kickr Bike is as close to my Road bike sizing as I can get without changing the Bars.
And although the Wahoo hoods are a slightly different shape than my Shimano ones, I was able to duplicate reach when on the hoods.

It has made my indoor cycling as representative to outdoor cycling as I can get.
I may try adding a cheapie Nerf ball wobble board in the near future just to see how it feels.

I do keep a log book of the Kickr Bikes measurements. From time to time friends wish to hop on and give it a try.
Being able to return settings to exactly my size after these impromptu adjustments is great.


Bolo Grubb 01-06-22 12:37 PM

I did not have the seat clamp tight enough, it is holding fine now.

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