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Barry2 12-20-19 11:53 AM

Wahoo Kickr Bike Blog
Wahoo Bike
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#30 Wahoo Elemnt Bolt create custom workout plans, FTP Ramp Test
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This story starts in March 2019, I'm 55 6'1" and 226+lb then I went through a change in my medication. I'm now down to 195 and for the last couple of months attempting to be back on my road bike.
With too hot 95F+ weather quickly turning to rainy and cold, I've not been riding as much as I'd like, or need, in order to improve.
Despite my reservations I've broken down and purchased my first ever indoor trainer, I've never even ridden on one.

I like to post here, likely monthly, just to let people follow along with my expensive risk and I hope, improvement over time.

12/19/19 - First Day
Some assembly required... Only issue, the documented torque setting for the leg retaining bolts cause the head of the bolts to "round out" before the torque setting was reached. I'll contact Wahoo and report back.
(Wahoo support is shipping bolts same day I asked for them - Thanks James!)
Rode for 30mins, averaged ~110Watts @~12MPH. in Sim mode (Gears function as expected, you decide how much power to create and that controls your indicated speed).
Installed Zwift and rode for another 30mins. Wow this 30min went quick, much fun.
Zwift ran me in "ERG" mode. You pedal at what ever cadence you'd like (Gears do nothing) and the resistance is set by Zwift to meet the Wattage goal for that part of the ride.

I think I'm going to like this. I found that averaging 12MPH indoors is nothing like my usual 12MPH outdoors on the local trails. The outdoor trail crosses many roads causing me to take a break.
In fact looking at my Fitbit data, my trail rides only average 8MPH due to those breaks crossing streets. I really miss those breaks and my legs can tell they didn't get them!

Tried Zwift "Build me up" "Beginner" plan.
Was unable to produce the power required to complete day one of the plan.
I was able to produce the 135W for the time required, but not relatively. Legs gave out.
That plan is completely beyond my fitness level at this time.

Tried Zwift "Zwift 101" "Beginner" plan.
Still unable to produce the power required to meet the needs of day one on this "101 beginner" plan.
Again Legs gave out.

Now I'm upset and disheartened with Zwift & myself. Not the place you want to find yourself on the second day with an expensive bike.
I know I'm unfit, but being unable to meet the first day needs of the only two beginner plans in Zwift can't be good.

Loaded FulGaz and gave that a try.
Biked over the Golden Gate Bridge, no problem.
Tried the Marin Headlands.
Again legs gave out 1/3rd way through the headlands, but that had some steep climbs, and the views made it worth the try.

FulGaz again... Did two laps on the Dubai F1 racetrack. I didn't say I did them quick. But FulGaz didn't force me to hit a wattage number I couldn't produce and so, had much fun.
As my output dropped the video just played slower.

Next is to explore the Training Plans in FulGaz and see if they offer one starting at my wattage. Zwift, despite having the benefit of allowing me to bike with my UK buddy, has fallen from favor. Until I can repeatedly produce 135W for several min's with minimal recovery periods, I'll stick with the enjoyment of cruising around full HD (or 4K) videos in FulGaz.

shelbyfv 12-20-19 02:41 PM

Good for you! Blogs need to go in the Blogger's forum You can ask a mod to move it for you:thumb: I'll be interested to follow. Several friends have Kickrs and I've been pondering....

Barry2 12-20-19 03:00 PM

That's funny...
I looked for an indoor cycling forum and found nothing so wound up in the 50+
I didn't think to look for a blog forum. In fact I've never seen or been in there.

With an approx once monthly post, maybe it's more interest to the 50+ community than a blog community.


texbiker 12-20-19 05:21 PM

Which Wahoo trainer did you get? I use the Kickr Snap with Zwift. You are right about the time passing. Before Zwift it was a miracle to ride 30 minutes. Now an hour goes quickly and sometimes I ride an hour 45 minutes.

Barry2 12-20-19 05:38 PM

Originally Posted by texbiker (Post 21252898)
Which Wahoo trainer did you get?

I got the “KICKR bike”


Shagybrown 12-29-19 04:27 PM

Curious if you are experiencing any thigh rub on the top tube of your Kickr bike?

Barry2 12-29-19 07:41 PM

Left leg runs clear. Right brushes very lightly but only when the leg is tired.
Best suggestion I saw was to tape card on your existing top tube to see if you clear.

The wider top tube is causing me no issues.


Barry2 01-02-20 10:05 AM

Untangle apps
Had issues with all of my apps coordinating with each other. Saw duplicated cycling being reported in various levels of detail.
Previously I had been using only Fitbit to track exercise including my outdoor cycling.
I was hoping to be able to upload indoor cycling and continue to use Fitbit, but no luck.
I found that Fitbit will report walks to Strava using it to report cycling was a bit hot or miss. I found that both Fulgaz and Wahoo report indoor outdoor cycling very well to Strava.
So current setup
I subscribed to Strava. Fulgaz and Wahoo are used to report cycling, Fitbit is reporting walking.
Upon completion of an indoor or outdoor Cycle run, I go into Fitbit and report that period of elevated heart rate as exercise.
This allows my Fitbit to keep track of exercise goals for the week.
Not ideal, but it's working for me right now.

Strava has my money. Fulgaz will be getting my money. Zwift I have not returned to after my initial disappointment.

I estimate my current FTP at 100-110W and none of the training plans I've been able to find are targeted this low.
Even the available FTP testing routines do not appear to be achievable.

I've set myself a target of 50 miles a week (indoor/outdoor combined) I'll report back end of January.... Happy new year.

All the Best


CyclingFool95 01-02-20 06:29 PM

I've been running my Kickr/Climb with Bkool - I really enjoy riding real world routes, with video. Time does fly.

Barry2 01-07-20 06:03 PM

Wahoo Kickr Bike Clicking
So the bike has been clicking from the time I took it out of the box.
I hate posting bad stuff until the manufacturer has had the opportunity to address an issue first.
Changed Pedals, tried one foot pedaling, it clicks when pedaled with left, right or both legs.

Opened Wahoo support ticket.
Sent video of bike clicking using a luggage scale to to show the 5 pounds of side force required to reproduce the click. I was not even on the bike.
Sounds like the Clicking is coming from where the "downtube" meets the Stand. The bearing that holds the whole thing up.
I'm told to purchase WD40 Silicone spray, not regular oldskool WD40 but the Silicone version.
I get some, sprayyyy and click, click, click. Issue still there. I ride hoping it will soak in... Click, Click, Click.
A day later, DDDesperate to be able to bike not sounding like a metronome, I lay the bike on the left side and spray the left main climb bearing allowing gravity to pull the lube down towards the hidden left bearing.
Then I repeat for the right side climb bearing. I ride for several mile, clicking all the way.
OK I'm officially miffed.
24 hours later..... no click. Wahoo support were correct in their fix. Time will tell if it returns.

During this process James with Wahoo support was helpful and responsive so I'm happy with the level of service.
Even if I don't like having to "oil" a bike I just received, but the fix was quick and easy.

Fingers crossed


EDIT: 01/31/2020 Clicking has not returned. Lubrication has not needed to be reapplied. SUCCESS !
06/29/2020 - still no clicking! Not-a-one.
09/04/2020 - Yet more silence!
09/07/2021 - Crickets, nothing, never even had to re-lube.

texbiker 01-08-20 09:51 AM

I hope the WD40 silicon fixed the problem but my experience with clicking from the bottom bracket is a bad bearing.

Barry2 01-08-20 05:45 PM

Originally Posted by texbiker (Post 21275357)
I hope the WD40 silicon fixed the problem but my experience with clicking from the bottom bracket is a bad bearing.

Sorry I was not clear. I added a line in the above post to better describe where the click was coming from.

In order to get the thing to click, I didn't have to rotate the crank, in fact I didn't even have to be on the bike.
Stand beside bike, grasp saddle or frame, pull saddle or frame to left or right with 5 pounds of force and it would click. Sounding like is was coming from the Frame to Stand main joint.
All through this process the BB has been completely silent.


zacster 01-08-20 05:55 PM

That could just be the quick release or through axle not being tight enough. It doesn't sound serious.

Barry2 01-08-20 06:09 PM

Please point to where the axle quick release is located.



zacster 01-08-20 09:19 PM

Oh right, this is the Kickr bike, not the Kickr.

Barry2 01-13-20 09:48 PM

More Wahoo kool-Aid
Added a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.
Bolt initial setup was pretty quick. It immediately wanted to load an update.
Tried to pair it to the Wahoo Kickr Bike and it found it, but stopped FulGaz from connecting.
Bolt has a screen specifically to control a Kickr.... could not get to that screen.
I don’t know how, why or what I did.... oh here comes another update.

Now the Kickr Bike connects to the Bolt as “FE” and not as “Kickr Bike”.
FulGaz is now able to see the Bike again.
Bolt automagically goes to the Kickr Control screen.

After all the goofing around with the Bolt/Bike, I powered off the Bolt and went for a FulGaz ride.
I’ll spend more time with the Kickr control screens and report back at a later time.

FYI I intend to use the Bolt on my road bike. Apparently I don’t need add-on sensors. Speed will come from GPS in the Bolt and Cadence will come from the Tickr X HRM.
[See comment in post below from zacster regarding speed sensor accuracy]

All the best


zacster 01-14-20 08:18 AM

GPS speed isn't as real-time as sensor speed. It'll work, but just doesn't respond as fast nor is it as accurate. It tends to jump around a bit. I have a sensor on my road bike but use the bolt without a sensor on my commuter so I have a good feel for how it responds. When you have the sensor set up so it automatically calibrates it is very accurate too. It just measures rotations vs. some fixed GPS distance and sets it. I don't know if it monitors it during a ride. With the sensor calibrated against GPS your total miles comes out the same either way.

But to your other point, I don't bother with the Bolt when I'm using my Kickr Core trainer. I also get confused about how the Bolt is supposed to work with the Kickr and in the end the software on my iMac is controlling everything anyway.

Barry2 01-14-20 09:56 AM

Bolt Speed Sensor
Well there is news I can use, thanks. I'll may have to save my pennies for yet more Wahoo Kool-Aid and buy the sensors.
I'll run the Road bike this weekend sensorless (I don't think that's a reeel word) and see what happens.

All the best


Barry2 01-27-20 03:32 PM

Bike Fit knee pain (resolved)
I'm at about 165 miles covered so far in January. Of which 110 are on the Kickr Bike.
My left knee is giving me pain just below the kneecap about 12miles into a ride, and defiantly the following day.
I had dialed in the Kickr to match my Cervelo R3.

I took last week off, no riding for 5 days and scheduled a bike fit for Friday just passed.
I was apprehensive about going to a bike fit as a 56year old, 195lb, 6'1" newbie that has never been "fitted".
Shameless plug... I went to Zealot Cyclery in Danville. Of the LBS around here, I like this one!

In summary..
Walk here, bend there, twist this, reach for that, do this, do that...…
Get covered in sticky dots, stuck on a fully adjustable (while your riding) trainer thingy, and captured in Slow Motion for computer analysis from 3 directions.

Waist down I'm reasonably flexible.
Waist up, needs improvement. Prescribed... Yoga and some "Cyclist Core Exercises"
I had placed my Cleats incorrectly (despite trying quite hard) and left one needed a twist.
Arch support required in my cycling shoes. Interesting is that I'd already determined that for my tennis shoes, but never even considered that I would need the same in Cycling shoes.
Arch supports stolen from tennies and placed into Cycling shoes.
Apparently during assembly my left leg was attached incorrectly and in a fashion that forces me to toe out.
The caster and rod ends are not adjustable on humans. So you twist the cleat.
Saddle to high and too rearward.
Stem too long.

Whole process took several hours and I left more educated and holding new bike dimensions.

Dialed in my new dimensions into the Kickr bike and rode 15miles last night... left knee feels great both during the ride and today.
More time and miles will tell for sure.

Although not inexpensive, when compared to my equipment costs a bike fit was a great thing to do.
I've already ordered the parts required to get the R3 road bike dialed in.

In about 3-4 months I'll return for a tune up.
I'll leave the apprehension at home this time. I was made very welcome. I was not made to feel nearly as old as I am and the process was enjoyable and very educational.

Now to find me a beginners Yoga class (much to the amusement of my wife).


zacster 01-28-20 05:24 AM


I've tried using The Sufferfest's yoga sessions, and the problem I had was following the on-screen instructor when you're supposed to have your eyes closed. She leaves out the spiritual side of Yoga because she recognized that there is a market for yoga strictly for the exercise/stretching/flexibility. From a purely physical approach it still works. The Sufferfest offers a free trial like everyone else, and you get the bike training part too of course. I found their training to be very good. It keeps you engaged, there are training plans, their videos are tailored to four different measures, not just FTP.

And coincidentally enough, they were just bought out by Wahoo. Maybe your Kickr bike came with an extended trial?

Barry2 01-31-20 01:25 PM

Chair, Yoga, and a ruler
Got a few more miles on this old Knee and still feeling good.
I did notice that my office chair sinks every day to the point where my left leg is being uncomfortably crumpled below the chair.
I usually just re-raise the chair in the mornings.
Well, now I'm on a mission. So I FIXED the chair using PVC pipe and hose clamps. Now it is way higher than it ever was and my legs feel good all day.
I should really have done this sooner. I spend way too many hours in this chair to tolerate a poor seating position.

After researching Yoga studios... Surprise, I find male attendance to be extremely lacking.
I've currently skipped the studio experience (if you know what I mean) and I'm practicing Yoga poses alone at home once or twice a day.
Being a computer guy, I don't trust relative measurements and I like any data you can capture as hard numbers. Like, with a ruler.
So, I'm within 10" of being able to touch my toes, not forcing anything. I wonder if that will change significantly, time will tell.
My hope is that I can increase my flexibility and increase my comfort when riding the R3's aggressive frame geometry.

Per the Bike Fit numbers...I've installed a Zero offset seatpost in my Cervelo R3 to place me more over the BB, and although I have ordered a shorter 70mm stem, wow that's a really short stem!
I'd like to be able to keep the R3's 100mm stem that is currently installed. I'll give it a week or three and reevaluate my flexibility, maybe I'll give the 70mm a try then, did I mention it's really short!

All the best


Barry2 02-10-20 04:38 PM

Happy Knee, happy me !
It's been 17days since my bike fit and I've covered about 135 miles mixed indoor/outdoor. My knee pain is almost gone during a ride. I also find that I can now bike back to back days and don't require a knee recovery day in-between.
Knees are slow to heal, so I suspect further improvement over time may occur.

Even at 56 years old, and only a cycling enthusiast, a bike fit was worth every penny.
So Saturday a buddy and I biked down to the store, shook the "fit" mans hand and placed a thank you in it.
Credit where credit is due, All too often a good job goes unrecognized, but people are really quick to complain.

All the best


Barry2 02-27-20 12:00 PM

Now at 398 miles for the year of mixed indoor/outdoor. I'm still amazed how the bike fit has cured the knee pain issue. It has remained cured for both Kickr and road bike.
My Strava premium subscription is linked to my Wahoo Bolt bike computer and once a completed ride is uploaded into Strava, Strava provides an estimation of that rides wattage.
Well.... I didn't like the low Strava wattage numbers. So I added a single sided Stages power meter to my road bike.
RESULT - I can't blame Strava for the low numbers. 8-( shoulda seen that coming!
In fact the Strava estimated wattage is very close to the Stages PM measured wattage for the same ride.

I consulted my so called "Buddy" regarding the low wattage number and was give the sage advice "pedal harder"..... well thanks for that!

Kickr Bike remains squeak free.
I'm getting more use from the Kickr Bike than I expected.


Barry2 04-23-20 03:56 PM


It's been a while. Though I have been riding.
With power meter prices dropping, I added a drive-side PM to my road bike. Now running dual I get access to some additional and interesting numbers.
The good news is that my left/right legs are pretty evenly matched for output.
The bad news it that I don't know how to pedal a bike.
When operating at low wattage's, I am not lifting the trailing leg. The forward leg is not only having to push the bike forward, but also lift the weight of the trailing leg.
This is displayed as a low efficiency and both legs are to blame.
My pedaling efficiency does increase as I increase the watts.
I'm working to improve my pedaling technique on the flats.

Talking about watts, I'm at 880 miles YTD with 340 of those being on the Kickr. I see the indoor/outdoor mix swinging the other way as the hotter weather forces me to hide inside.
I found that Strava Premium has an FTP estimation function. I seem to be rising at ~10watts per month. I'm sure that will plateau as the year goes on, but I'll take the easy increases while I can get them.

Kickr bike it still flawless. No creaking. I wish I could say the same for the software I've tried.
FulGaz is still my software of choice. But being interested in cycling virtually with other people, I tried a couple of other options.
I had various issues, mixed levels of support, and finally gave up.
FulGaz still gets my vote for reliability and full integration with the Kickr bike.

The whole Corona thing has impacted availability of internet bandwidth for many services and applications.
FulGaz appears to not be immune to this issue, and downloads can be slow.
If I relied on being able to stream the rides in real-time I think my impressions would be different.
I however stopped streaming & storing rides on my Apple TV 4K 64Gb some time ago due to lack of space. Yes - I have a lot-o-rides stored.
I started saving the rides to my PC and Streaming them to the Apple TV using Microsoft IIS. The result is a prefect ride that does not rely on internet bandwidth.
I just download the ride overnight before I need it. Ride storage is now only limited by the size of my PC drive...and PC drives are cheap.

The other benefit, my downloads don't goof with Mrs. using online meetings and working remotely.
Remember... aint Mommy happy, aint nobody happy !!!

I'm off out on my bike...


Barry2 06-09-20 06:46 PM


As the weather warmed up I started to place less miles on the Kickr Bike. That is beginning to turn the around as we are going through some 100F+ (38C+) days.
The heat is forcing me back indoors. It is a nice option to have during the week, when I can't ride in the early mornings.

Bike shop has reopened for bike fit sessions and its time for my tune-up!
Second visit a lot less apprehensive than the first. This time all of the fitting was performed with me on my bike attached to a trainer.
Upper body flexibility has improved.
Previous knee pain, still completely cured (1300 miles this year).
No further complaints from me in the comfort dept. Even with my fully carbon, no padding, saddle. Though its appearance did raise eyebrows in the store.... "You like that" "NO padding". I assured, "I have padding"... "as well as the padded shorts".
The Arione I was using caused me to suffer sore spots, just where you don't want sore spots. Its not that the Arione was bad, just bad for me. I went to a fully Carbon saddle, just to try a saddle with a hole in the middle on the cheap.
WOW I like it so much, I've been riding it for ~4 - 500 miles. I just purchased a second one to install on the Kickr. Not at all bad for $29 shipped!
Bike fit concentrated on balance between the legs. Left leg needed a 1/8" shim between the shoe sole and cleat.
Much info and pointers received. I still need to improve core flexibility and strength.
Duration of fit was half of the original in January and so was the cost.
My weight has remained the same since January, roughly 200 lbs. But it has been moving around and towards my legs as muscle.

Strava is able to estimate FTP from your ride history. For the first 3 months of the year I saw 10W increases per month. But that all came to a halt in April/May with NO increase.
I'm going to have to change something in order to continue getting stronger!!!!! More miles would help, but I think structure might help more.


Barry2 06-09-20 07:00 PM

FulGaz 12 Week FTP Program (Beginners)
With my Strava estimated FTP being static for the last two months it is time to make a change.
I've decided that simply adding miles to my week might not be the most productive solution.
There must be a reason that structured workouts are available from multiple sources...... really!

My software of choice, FulGaz, has a 12 week FTP program for Beginners.
OK I'm in... I did the first day today. The Kinglake FTP Test.
This is to set a baseline for the rest of the program.
It is a warm up period, followed by a 20min go as hard as you can up a %5 average hill test.
I've never had to pace myself this way and found pacing kinda tough.
Pedaling was also tough. But that would be the point.

With practice in pacing, I could likely better that by a few watts. But it is pretty close to the number Strava estimated at 135W.

Now to see if I can stick to the Kickr and the FulGaz program for a whole 3 months.

All the best


I post the picture not because I'm proud of my 140W, but for future reference.
Note: Strava reports the measured climb as 137w and not the FulGaz reported 140W. Thanks Strava, and why do I pay you 8-)

Training (or not) Log
(TLDR Version, Started out with 20min FTP test to set my level in the Software. Intervals appear to be achievable and yet still taxing.)

WEEK 2 (TLDR Version, Intervals have become extremely tough to complete. A Software bug forcing me to use ERG mode is making it worse. I got irked and frustrated. I'm worried I can't do this program.)

WEEK 3 (TLDR Version, Intervals getting easier, prior 168W was really tough on me. Found I like mornings better. I tested my new legs and hit a PB. I'm encouraged by the results.)

WEEK 4 (TLDR Worked hard, did what I was told and went from 140W to 144W in a month of intervals.... so why bother!)

Barry2 06-30-20 01:06 PM

Wahoo Kickr Headwind disconnects and drops
Not sure if I mentioned it, but at the same time of acquiring the Kickr bike I purchased the Wahoo Kickr Headwind. That is the Wahoo fan solution.
The headwind runs in 3 modes.
1. Manual - you set the speed using the app or the manual buttons on the front of the fan.
2. Tied to a Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor (HRM). The faster you beat, the harder the fan blows.
3.Tied to a Wahoo Kickr. The faster you virtually travel the faster the fan blows.

Since new I've been able to bind (connect) both the Tickr X or the Bike to the fan, but only at very close range.
After moving the fan to 3' in front of the bike, the connection drops.
The fan if on and in sleep mode, it should wake up if a bound Kickr or Tickr come online, this it has never done.

I've been waiting for a firmware update to fix this.... crickets.
Wahoo didn't indicate it was firmware, I just procrastinated and ran the fan in manual mode.

Now with all these Intervals, a dynamic fan tied to my HRM is really appealing.

Opened a support ticket with Wahoo and did some research on my own.
Using the iPhone App LightBlue you can monitor Bluetooth (BT) devices that are close by.
Found that at 15 feet range, the Headwinds BT signal was significantly weaker (21dB) than that of the Kickr Bike.
Wahoo support was it's usual helpful and efficient self, and replacement is being shipped.
I could have chosen to return mine first, then they would ship replacement. Instead I guaranteed a cross-ship with a credit card.
Once the new one arrives I'll use their packaging materials to return mine.

I will keep you informed.


Wahoo support is great.
The replacement Headwind arrived quickly will detect the HRM from 16' away and stays connected throughout the ride. Great.
Sorry for the delayed update.

Barry2 07-04-20 03:16 PM

Month 2 (Beginner) - not going to happen!
Summary of Month 1 of Beginner Program - That sucked!
Having found that two months (April, May) of riding miles didn't improve my Strava estimated FTP, I decided to try intervals. After all, intervals are the recognized method of increasing power in most all sports.
I have completed the first month (June) of the Beginner FTP Program with no measurable increase in FTP power. (140w to 144w)
To say it's disappointing is an understatement. I didn't even get my participation award 8-).

FulGaz offers two FTP improvement programs "Beginner" and "Keen". I see little point in continuing with the Beginner FTP program, I expected to see a jump in FTP for the first month, then diminishing gains for the last two. What I got was no better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

I have decided to re-start FTP interval training with the Keen program.

OK, Lets go!

Barry2 07-06-20 10:13 AM

FulGaz FTP Program - Keen
Here we go again...

FulGaz FTP Program - Keen
The sessions in the "Keen" program are ~40% longer and I suspect a bit more demanding.

Week1 Day1 - Recover from weekend. Do nothing, tomorrow lets FTP test (again)
Week1 Day2 - FTP Test.... FAILED! Had hoped to top Saturdays FTP of 144W, didn't happen. Not feeling it today and caved halfway up the hill. I'll use Saturdays result.
This undulating hill is bugging me. I'd rather fight a constant resistance on the FTP tests. This one keeps changing the slope. Realistic, yes, necessary, NO.
I'm going to override the FulGaz/Kickr varying slope with the Wahoo Bolt in Level mode. The Watts will still report accurately to the FulGaz FTP test, I just don't have to keep Fing with the gears while riding.

Week1 Summary - The Keen program has longer sessions and more intense. 60+mins and 172W peaks are the new norm. Some of the rest periods are not nearly "rest" enough and I'm coasting or not making the 100 cadence I'm being asked for. One week down, eleven more to go. I did manage an outdoor ~40miles (my longest) on Sunday. Felt good right up to where the 100F heat melted me. Nowhere to refill bottles is an issue.

Week2 Summary - These longer sessions are taxing. I've been taking the optional "Easy Outdoor ride" days off, to better recover the legs. Though I did manage my first 50 miler in ~40 years, on Sunday.
The FulGaz ERG mode bug persists, stopping me turning off ERG. This is still forcing me to take 30 second rest periods rather than just reducing my wattage to a manageable level.

Barry2 07-27-20 01:53 PM

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt create custom workout plans, FTP Ramp Test
This is what I did, not what you should do. Attempt at your own risk.

This post assumes you have a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (bike computer, a Kickr (trainer) capable of ERG mode, and an understanding of connecting/operating the two together. Think of it as crib notes and not a full "how to" video.
BTW ERG mode is where the bike Computer (or software) can control the resistance of the trainer to force a power level, "X" watts.
You pedal slow, the resistance is high to achieve "X" watts. You pedal fast, the resistance is low to achieve the same "X" watts.

I've another 1 month FTP test coming this week. :giver:
If you've been reading this Blog you will know that my FulGaz FTP testing has been a frustrating issue. :notamused:
I'm inexperienced at FTP testing, Pacing myself through the FulGaz 20min FTP test has proven impossible for me.
This is made worse by FulGaz attempting to "make me a better outside cyclist" by varying the resistance during the FTP test.
This is making me concentrate on pacing, power and gear changes all through the test.
If I get the pacing wrong and go too hard, I blowup and fail the test. No FTP number is achieved. FFrustrating, you bet!
In an attempt to not blowup during the test, I arrive at the top with gas in the tank, resulting in a low FTP #.
Hey I got a number, but this low FTP number is then used to set how strenuous the next months training will be. See the problem.
My training level is hampered by my inability to pace.

I'd rather be able to concentrate on just pedaling, Rather than power, pace, how the hill has changed and why am I in the wrong gear... again!
IMHO an FTP test is not the time to hone real world skills.

8min FTP test - Requires you to produce two blocks of power and ideally keep them with 10% of each other. So we are pacing again.
20min FTP Test - Requires pacing for the entire 20min period.
FTP Ramp Test - Requires you to meet a slowly increasing ERG controlled power figure until you blowup in about 12mins.
You pedal... until you can't pedal. WOW... sounds like it fits within my skill set, especially the last part.

My Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is designed to download Workout Plans like the FTP Ramp Test from paid 3rd party providers.
My provider FulGaz does not have an FTP Ramp Test (as of 07/27/20) so how do I get me one of those? Ideally without throwing money at another subscription.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt creating custom workout plans (FTP Ramp Test)
1. Go to zwofactory and build a .zwo file for the FTP Ramp Test. Be sure to click the cog and set the FTP to 100W, I'll explain why in a min.
Like all good cooking shows, HERE is one I placed in the oven earlier. <Yes the zwofactory website allows you to save your plan as a URL.
BF is known to munge complex URL's from time to time, hence the simple TinyURL link above.
Download the .zwo file you created. EDIT: zwofactory does permit saving your workout directly as .erg file.

2. Go to whatsonzwift and convert the .zwo file to a .erg file. Once again be sure to set the FTP to 100W (yes I know I still need to tell you why, give me a min.)
The ramp is displayed and to the right you can download the converted file in .erg format.
EDIT: zwofactory does permit saving your workout directly as .erg file.

3. With the Bolt powered off, connect it to a PC with USB, then power on the Bolt.
It will appear like its a Thumb Drive. Open the "USB storage" folder ... open the "plans" folder.
Copy your .erg file to the plans folder.
Power off the Bolt and disconnect the USB cable. I pulled the cable with the Bolt ON and froze up the Bolt. I had to do a soft reset... (Hold pwr button for 10sec). Oooops

4. Turn on the now USB disconnected Bolt.
Go to the Menu and select "PLANNED WORKOUTS".
Scroll to the top of the workout list, then hit the "Sync" button at the bottom of the screen. This step will find your Ramp Test file and add it to the list of Workouts.
Your workout missing from the list? Yes, the bolt may claim to have Sync'ed 2 mins ago. Trust me on this one, do the manual Sync.

IMPORTANT - This Ramp Test workout will only work for an FTP of ~100W unless you follow the next steps. (why we set the FTP to 100W previously, here it comes)
Scroll down the workout list and when you get to your Ramp Test click the "Info" button.
Click the "100%" button and scale the workout to your estimated FTP#. This way you should still blowup at about 12mins (22min if you include the warm-up).
Example, if your FTP is 155W, scale to 155% and hit the "Back" button.
Now click "Select" and "enjoy" your FTP Ramp Test. Don't forget to Start/Pause/End the test on the Bolt.

Once you complete the test, go to the "History" function, Scroll down your result and the Bolt will tell you the best 1min power you achieved.
Take 75% of this number and that is your estimated FTP. Example, if 1min power = 200w then estimated FTP = 0.75 x 200W = 150w

If you decide to try this, please do let me know.
If you are able to improve on this process or post, please do let me know.
All I could find during my internet searches were dead ends, I was very surprised to find out this worked and wonder if others get the same favorable results.



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