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greasemonkey86 06-28-02 11:06 AM

new bike decision!!!! help
ok ive been riding a huffy for the past two years im tired of the heavey thing it always breaks and i need a new bike i have right now about 400 buck and i was thinking of getting a haro backtrail x3 or a free agent hellcat i ride mostly dirt but i also ride street so i need a bike that can hold up to both.
any suggestiond=s or advise would be appreciated

GravityBmxer 06-28-02 04:07 PM

I think you could find some good bmx bikes that ride street and dirt on ;)

xlr8rbmx 06-28-02 08:39 PM

Screw ebay. Take that $400 to your LBS and take a look at their BMX inventory. See what they recommend and take a lot of test rides. I personally ride a bike that I built myself with parts I bought individually, but you can get a decent stock bike with that much that will last you a while.

I have ridden a Haro Backtrail X3 and it is a solid ride with good components. Felt good on the trails, but it is a bit heavy. I can't vouch for the free agent, but like I said take it for a spin at your local shop.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know what you decide on. Ride on!


greasemonkey86 06-28-02 11:00 PM

im going to take some test rides on the haro and free agent tomorrow i just have to give them my drivers liscense.
i am just going to go with what i feel is good cuz alot of people say haro sucks but others say its a good bike so ill see what i like.

gekko1 06-30-02 11:03 AM

unless your getting a higher model free agent don't buy one. you can always get bmx bikes cheaper online. just do a google or yahoo search. or pick up a bmx mag and look at advertisements.

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