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ThirdEyeVisualz 07-07-02 11:55 AM

wheelie bike
what do you guys think is the best bike for wheelies and tricks and balancing n stuff?

Flatland Freak 08-09-02 11:22 PM

It totalling depends on the rider not the bike. Anyone can learn to balance on any just takes time. But usually shorter, lighter bikes are easier to do balance tricks such as the ones done in flatland. If its flatland you are into...look on for a possible bike. any more questions..just let me know.

pnj 08-10-02 01:51 AM

the best bike to do pedal wheelies is a direct drive bike.

just ask Brian Scura.

as far as rolling on one wheel(not on your pedals, or maybe on your pedals) short is better.

but i really comes down to the rider.

....was that said allready?

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