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Oakey 07-09-02 04:39 AM

Need help choosing bike.
Ok, some bikes were stolen from my house and I've got to choose from a list what I want to replace them. I have 500 to spend so can get a good bike for about 300 and one okay one, or two okay ones for 250 or whatever.

Anyway, the choices I have are Huffy, Diamondback and Ruption. I'll list the models below:


Quarter Ton 200
Super Charger 230
Half Ton 260
MJ12 260
Delirium 300
M80 300
One Ton 300


Assault T24 300
RM JR 300
Session 200
Venom 250


TX5 170
LX 200
Hacker 220
Earl 250
Chogger 270
Dook 300

I'm not particularly bothered about features although gyro and front back would be nice (some of these models don't have these, I'm sure you know)

Cheers for the info people.

dz_3283 07-10-02 07:16 PM

i would suggest the new Fit complete. Go to albes i think they got it

Oakey 07-10-02 07:20 PM

Well, the insurance are replacing the bikes and there was only a limited choice. I've gone for a Haro Mirra 540 Air and a Ruption LX. Seemed to be the best they had to offer.

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