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Counsel 07-17-02 11:25 AM

Bike for a parent...

My lil'one is riding at 3..actually took off his training wheels two weeks before his 3rd birthday when he saw Mirra at a benefit.

Now, 3 weeks later, he is back to popping wheelies, pulling the bike out from under him, and running over curbs/gutters (down--can make it up but uses his feet).

So, I need a bike to go on the local bike/skate park with him. I don't want to spend too much, but want something someone can recommend.

I am 6' and weigh 165lbs.



dz_3283 07-17-02 04:58 PM u want that

Counsel 07-17-02 09:52 PM

Was I clear it was a bike for the parent?

Just wanted to make sure.


Joe Gardner 07-17-02 10:20 PM

Will the park allow your mtn bike? If so, why get a 2nd bike? I'm 6'4" and have a hard time riding any BMX bike, however i have played around with my neighbors 24" cruiser, its a fun bike, and would be park friendly.

Counsel 07-18-02 08:28 PM

The park limits bikes to 20" wheels or son rides a 10" and that is fine...

Is the 20" TT too short for a 6' rider?


xlr8rbmx 07-23-02 10:32 AM

Yeah, go for a 21" tt if you can. Go to your LBS and ride around on some to see how they feel. You would probably feel cramped on that frame.

Good luck.


MichaelW 07-23-02 10:39 AM

There are folding/commuting bikes with 20" wheels, but these are not recomended for stunt riding.
Do you need it just to ride along or do you want to play in the skatebowl and half-pipes too ?

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