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Flatland Freak 07-22-02 10:00 PM

Some Good Advise!! No, No Pop Tubes!!
Alright heres the thing. Some of you may have seen those tubes they sell that are full of all foam rubber instead of air so they cant pop. DO NOT BUY THESE!!! They are a joke. For one, I broke 3 screwdrivers trying to get one in my rim. This is because they are already full size and there isnt much give to them. Then when i finally got it in, the first bump i hit it ripped the bead off my tire and blew the side out. now my brand new Skidmark tire is ruined because of the damn thing. Just a warning so nobody else wrecks their tires or rims. You do't have to listen to me, but youll probably be sorry.

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