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Phope 07-27-02 05:20 PM

Best bike for street?
What would be the best bike to get that I can use for street? Something not too heavy...I'm 5'7" 129lbs

Phope 07-29-02 10:46 AM

anyone********** come on.....

pnj 07-29-02 10:38 PM

depends on what you want to spend.

if you have never ridden street and need to learn how to bunnyhop well and manual and that sort of thing get whatever you can afford.

once you've been riding or once that first bike has been destroyed you will have a much better idea of what your next bike will be.

todays street bikes are all pretty much the same so anything you get will be fine.

Phope 07-30-02 05:35 PM

I can spend about $300. I know how to bunny-hop and such. I have a dyno vfr I just wanted to get a new bike...

pnj 07-30-02 07:45 PM

300 will get you a really nice frame.

if you want to buy a complete bike for 300.00 I would say keep your money and just buy some cool new components and keep saving.

maybe some new bars and grips or a seat. tires etc....

the bike you have is probably just as good if not better than a 300.00 new bike.

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