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BBallAsh23 07-28-05 10:49 PM

Haro Cozmo vs. Pacific Nemesis

So when I was younger I bought a Chrome Pacific Nemesis BMX-Style 20 and now I am about to be getting a Haro Cozmo in about two weeks. I want to know, is the Haro Cozmo(Weight: 34.5) heavier or lighter then the Nemesis?

Thanks... I've tried googling to find out how heavy the Nemesis is, and I've had no luck what so ever, and I have no idea where my manual is to it, so if any one can find it, or if you know then thanks you so very much! :-)

CMcMahon 07-29-05 12:24 AM

Who cares about the weight? As weak as the Cozmo is, it's infinitely better than any Pacific.

FireTeamCharlie 07-29-05 12:39 AM

Weight doesn't matter. I've seen a 250lb kid do X-ups on a 40lb bike.

CMcMahon 07-29-05 12:42 AM

As much as I agree with the "weight doesn't matter" statement, having a 250lb person do an x-up - on any bike - isn't exactly a big feat to accomplish.

Brian 07-29-05 02:28 AM

Maybe he had Popeye arms and they weighed a lot too. That would be impressive to watch.

BBallAsh23 07-29-05 10:38 PM

Alright... Not exactly the answer I was looking for... I guess I will just find out myself.

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