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Ouch ! 08-04-02 08:59 AM

Bike for my son.
I plan on buying my son a bmx bike for Xmas, and I just noticed in the mag's that they have started selling off old models.

So the question is what would be a good buy because I haven't a clue about bmx.

The offers in the mag are

D/back skin dog
g/fisher cab
dyno compe exp chrome bmx
dyno xr chrome dirt
g/fisher mr skinner
dyno nfx

I'm from the uk so if you know of any good offers on a good bmx bike over here I'd love to know.

My son is your average eleven year old so what kind of size (are there different sizes, because they all look similar to me).

Any info would be welcome.


pnj 08-05-02 08:40 PM

if he's 11 years old, get him anything.

it will probably take him some time to learn some of the basics like a decent bunnyhop, wheelies etc.

in that time he will learn what parts will work for him and what won't.

i don't know anything about the bikes you mentioned but if they are in the same price range they should all be about the same.

find out what he wants from that list and get it. he will want to spend more time on it if it's one he wants.

hope that helps ya

Ouch ! 08-06-02 11:56 AM

Thanks pnj.

I think I'll try what you say, he's old enough to make some of his own decisions now.:)

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