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PTerman 08-05-02 09:20 PM

need to know the value of my ride
I had found out that i had a raleigh bike i would like to know the value(i thought it was a dimoundback becouse it had a seat that said dimoundback (its a 1992 bmx street bike with Cross The Line Forks)please tell me the value

Guillermo 08-06-02 11:45 AM

I have no idea :confused:

pnj 08-06-02 11:59 AM

very little.

keep it, it's not worth much as the technology has changed and the bike is now considered "old school"

without knowing what parts are on it, no one can give you any kind of a value.

but if it's ten years old I would say it has little resale value.

just ride it.

Flatland Freak 08-09-02 11:47 PM

What's a brand name got to do with anything anyway...if it works well for you then keep it and ride it...if not sell it and buy something that you feel comfortable on. Don't be so worried about the price. i had an Ares Ashura that i put $1500 into, but I didnt like how it felt so i sold it and bought a $300 Titus Flatliner and it works awesome and I have no regrets at all. JUST RIDE!!!!! :)

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