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Newb-mx=))) 08-09-05 09:45 AM

Haro Zippo Any Good?
Hey I Was Looking At Buying A Haro Zippo And Not To Sure If It Was A Good Bike Or Not. I Just Started To Ride Bmx This Year And Am Looking For An Overall Good Bike. Im Not Doing Any Insane Stuff And Most Likely Wont Break Any Bike Within 20 Minutes So Just Give Me A Yes Or A No If I Should Buy It Or Not. Thanks =)

zx108 08-09-05 10:24 AM

well first dont type in cap letters in the first letters of words.

it has overall ok componentry. it is a street frame and an overall street bike so if you thing you might try some dirtjumping and other stuff out i would get a bike that is a little better in all areas. it is a solid frame, but the chrome needs a close eye, i think it is worth it(that is if you care about rust). 1-peice crank isnt so hot.

your probobly getting it cheap since it is old and most likely used, go for it.

Newb-mx=))) 08-09-05 10:31 AM

Hey thanks for that =) I wont use caps anymore thanks for letting me know I was doing that didn't even notice.

Newb-mx=))) 08-09-05 07:36 PM

Oh so could you recomend some overall good bikes? Thanks preciate it =)

zx108 08-09-05 07:38 PM

how much you want to spend?

Newb-mx=))) 08-09-05 07:58 PM

um im looking to spend $100-$150

Newb-mx=))) 08-09-05 08:00 PM

dont need something incredible just a good overall entry level bike. I like ridding mini ramps, quarter pipes and do a bit of street nothing to heavy =)

CMcMahon 08-09-05 08:02 PM

Is that $100-150 in US or Canadian dollars? Not that it matters, because you won't get anything good for that amount, anyway.

zx108 08-09-05 08:07 PM

yra you want to spend at least 250 for a good bike

hypersnazz 08-10-05 01:45 AM

Save your money and drop at least $200 if you're serious. That's about where Wal-Mart ends and 'entry level' starts. It's also the defining line between BMX bikes and 'kids bikes'.

Brian 08-10-05 03:08 AM

It's also dinner for 2 at the Rosewood Grill in Vegas. Not including wine or gratuity, of course.

Newb-mx=))) 08-10-05 11:04 AM

Here Im going to post a pic of the Haro Zippo I'm getting it for $90 canadian let me know what you think of it =)

Newb-mx=))) 08-10-05 11:14 AM

Ok I couldn't get a pic but its in awsome condition not a scratch on it tires also in great condition I really can't see one thing wrong with it =) but I'm also not to familliar with the quality, and if it will hold up on vert. I was told it was a street frame but solid zx108 thanks for the info =) So zx or anyone else would it hold up on a miniramp? Im not looking to do any dirt jumping or flatland just street and vert. So ya let me know.

lance sedlacek 08-10-05 07:17 PM

i have a zippo the bad poins are-one piece crank and singlewall rims. i paid $150US for my used zippo.

CMcMahon 08-10-05 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by Expatriate
It's also dinner for 2 at the Rosewood Grill in Vegas. Not including wine or gratuity, of course.

Overrated. I prefer to take my ladies out to see Tom Jones and eat some filet mignon. His cover of Prince's "Kiss" is fan-********-tastic.

Brian 08-11-05 01:48 AM

I've been trumped again. But the meal was truly one of the best meals I've had. But then I went to some little place in Cairns, Australia, and was served AU$2 tuna rolls that were so fresh I swear I had been diving with the fish earlier that day. Crap, I'd kill for an In-N-Out burger or Baja Fresh burrito these days.

[edit] I've heard that version of "Kiss", ranks up there with Johnny Cash covering NIN.

sxe fbm rider 08-16-05 12:08 PM

The Haro Zippo was my first bmx bike. A chrome split top tube zippo. It was a thing of beauty and sucked. but it held together decent enough, but wasnt doing much serious riding at that point. It's an allright beginners bike, I did have to replace a few bit of things that I bent or broke off, but it's okay.

Lithium 08-17-05 11:38 AM

does the zippo have 14mm axles?

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