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K2Shovel 08-20-02 08:58 PM

Axles Help!
I recenty messed up my 3/8" axle and i want to purchase one from dans competion, but i dont know the diference between 24t and 26t i hoping its the length of the axle but i need to now asap!

Flatland Freak 08-20-02 09:57 PM

i think 24&26T are the number of Threads on the axle. Which would define the length. I would just go woth the can always have some extra, but you cant use it if there isnt enough.

urbanking 11-03-02 07:11 PM

doesnt the "T" stand for the number of teeth on the sproket?

pnj 11-04-02 12:03 PM

24 and 26 are threads per inch.

I have an old freecoaster hub that uses a 24 thread axle but most of the hubs i used ran a 26 thread axle.

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