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NY_FS_Rider 09-06-02 10:28 AM

CYC Stormer MX?
Like 4 years ago, I bought a CYC Stormer MX for $25. It was in pretty decent shape. It had a lot of old school parts on it, including; original Shimano DX pedals, and SKYWAY Tuffwheels II.
Anyone know the year/s this bike was made? I know it's early 80's, but not totally sure the exact year. I plan on getting it re-chromed, and the SKYWAYS re-built.

bigjoe 06-21-13 05:01 PM

I know this post is way old.. is this guy still active here? I had an MX Stormer that my brother was stupid enough to get stolen when I got my car license. It had blue skyways, the bike was chrome with blue trim and in NJ, not far from NY... just looking...Thanks... Right now I ride a Trex Hybrid

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