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BoysDad 09-24-02 08:38 PM

What Gear Ratio for a little guy?
I have a 4 year old that wants to race like his 9 year old brother. The problem is, on our local track there is one straight that is uphill. It rises about 5 feet over the about 125 foot straight. It has 1 large step-up and 2 large doubles. Right now, he's on a 39/18 gearing and he can just make the step on the step up. He then pushes to the top and inevitably tumbles backwards with his bike back down the following double. I think the 39/18 gearing is still too tall for him. I am considering a 34/18 or even a 34/20 but I'm also thinking that I don't want to go too low either.

Does anyone with a bit more experience setting up bikes for a little guy have any good ideas or things I should look for? Things to avoid? Recomendations?

Thanks, Mike :crash:

pnj 09-25-02 02:50 PM

I have no idea other than to just try different sizes.

if it's easier to change front rings buy a few and give it a go.

at four years of age he probably doesn't have alot of muscle in his legs so it's hard to say what the optimum gears would be.

just experiment....

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