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povertyguy 10-07-02 06:52 PM

Disassembling 3-piece crank
Hi, i am going to change my old frame to a new frame, and i have a poverty 3 piece cranks. I know how to remove the crank arms and all. But i dont know how to remove the bottom bracket. The cups, spindle and bearings. Can some one please help!!!???:confused:

Flatland Freak 10-08-02 06:16 PM

If you dont have the right tools there are always ways to get around it. Just use a hammer to pound out the spindle..if you have to hit it hard put a piece of wood on it before you hit it. To get the bearings out just take a small socket and a long socket wrench extention (or anything else that has a big blunt surface that wont hurt the bearing that fits in the hole) ...put it through the hole on one side and angle it so it hits the bottom of the bearing on the other side...pound it hard, then hit the top, then the bottom again until it comes out. once one is out you can just go around and pound the other one out.

Who needs bearing extractors?? WE HAVE HAMMERS!!!! :)

povertyguy 10-08-02 07:16 PM

hey thanks alot man:D

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