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bmxgirl 10-11-02 04:06 AM

OK, so my technically knowledge is still limited so heres a question for ya:

What do u call it, or what do u call the piece of your bike which means that, when u roll your bike backwrds, your pedals dont automatically roll backwards too?


MichaelW 10-11-02 04:09 AM

The freewheel

Flatland Freak 10-12-02 03:32 PM

uh...NEGATORY that would be called a FREECOASTER!! witha freewheel, the pedals will still go backwards with you

bmxgirl 10-14-02 11:24 AM

Thanks guys:-)

20_inch_holmes 10-15-02 08:43 PM


Hawkster 10-15-02 08:52 PM


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