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mongoosemonster 10-16-02 07:48 PM

curb noser to 180 problem thingy
hey guys,
i gotta lil bit of a problem with a trick that i call a curb noser, but im not sure what the real name is. anyway ill stand on my back pegs and run head on into a curb and do like a big endo. then i will grab my rear break and pop a big wheelie and go nowhere. but what i want to do is do a 180 on my back wheel when i pop a wheelie after the endo. any help woukld be appreciated. :confused:

20_inch_holmes 10-16-02 08:05 PM

when you go back on your back peg, to 180 out, try only having one foot on one of the back pegs, then itll swing around easier, jus' get use to that, them you should be able to do it


mongoosemonster 10-16-02 08:07 PM

ill try that. thanx man:beer:

20_inch_holmes 10-16-02 08:15 PM

why you are welcome..........:) and it might take a lil bit to get the balance down, but it should work out for yah

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