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NewbyBmx 01-04-06 07:01 PM

Balance tips please!
I am looking at starting flatland, but I cant even manual! I have a hard time finding good balancing points, can any one give me any good tips on how to find it?

CMcMahon 01-04-06 07:16 PM

Every single rider that can manual forever will tell you that practice makes perfect; every time you go out to ride, try and manual as much as you can when going from place to place.

Brian 01-04-06 07:19 PM

I like this thread.

CMcMahon 01-04-06 07:24 PM

Lock it before someone comes in and ruins it.

Brian 01-04-06 07:28 PM

I predict that things will be quiet for a while.

FuzzyRyder 01-04-06 11:41 PM

a good way to practice manualing is to go to an empty parking lot and see how many parking spaces you can go. Start out with one or two and keep practicing till you can do five or ten or fifty billion! haha

Jerry Garcia 01-05-06 12:16 PM

sxe fbm rider 01-05-06 01:14 PM

It's all practice. You cant tell someone how to balance themselves, its a reflex and you have to condition yourself to balance in a manual, make it a reflex.

Pain4Pleasure 01-05-06 05:13 PM just takes practice and timing, your not gonna learn to manual just from reading somthing; trust me it took me a month to learn how to manual 20 ft. ummm heres a tip, ounce you get the front end up, instead of lettin it go for the fear of looping out, just feather your break and that will keep the front end down and dont forget to pump with your legs* and stay loose....practice alot, and set goals/points for it when ever you ride and try to beat them.....i hope that helps

bmx handyman 01-06-06 03:51 AM

i find that it easier if you dont have to worry about using a woudnt it be better to be able to do them we without having to use a brake.

Brian 01-06-06 04:44 AM

And it helps to be a kid. The older you are, the harder it gets.

Pain4Pleasure 01-06-06 03:04 PM

...hey its all up to you, what feels comfy to you may not be comfy to others, i personally like having break control when im manueling down a hill* :)

bmx handyman 01-06-06 06:06 PM

thats fair enough if you are going down a hill.

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