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bmichaelx 01-23-06 06:41 PM

This is what I like to do whne I can't bike for whatever reason. This isn't me, it's one of my frineds from I don't have any video of me that I can put online, so this is all I got.

I know you'll like it.

CMcMahon 01-23-06 06:47 PM

What is the point of having all that in slow-motion?

edit: And, no, I didn't like it.

sxe fbm rider 01-23-06 06:55 PM

Yea, definately, slow motion has it's place.. that wasn't it's place. That was some pretty hot scootering though.. but that's like saying your really good at being dumb...

CMcMahon 01-23-06 07:00 PM

Seriously. You might be the best kid in the world at riding a scooter, but at the end of the day, you're still riding a scooter.

Brian 01-23-06 08:47 PM

I guess I won't waste the bandwidth.

bmichaelx 01-23-06 10:32 PM

Originally Posted by bmichaelx
This isn't me, it's one of my frineds from

Perhaps if you read the whoel thread? And Beerman...I know you loved it, don't hide it.

CMcMahon 01-23-06 11:23 PM

The word "you" is relative, and in my statement, it wasn't relative to you.

It was directed at all scooterers.

wethepeople 01-24-06 12:41 AM

That was nothing special. me>whoever that was.

*Has a sponsorship from Razor waiting for me*

I would have gotten it this summer but I broke my ankle biking and was out of the game for abit. I'll post up my rigs tommorow :p.

Jerry Garcia 01-24-06 12:57 AM

Originally Posted by Beerman
at the end of the day, you're still riding a scooter.


FitRider 921 01-24-06 02:01 PM

He wasn't even that good. All he really did most of the time were tailiwhips, and a few barspins. I can do most of what he did, and I don't even have a scooter.

bmichaelx 01-24-06 03:25 PM

It just got me amped to scooter again. Whenever I would break my bike, I would take out the old scooter. The coolest thign I ever *tried, was doing a tailwhip over the back of my friends pick up truck. We made a plywood jump and landing, the only problem was that I didn't go 100% straight, so I bailed and hurt my ankle. I laugh at that video daily.

Brian 01-24-06 03:46 PM

What was the name of the TV show with Paris Hilton?

zx108 01-24-06 08:12 PM

those kids have mad scooter skillz. but who wants scooter skills anyway. beerman got it right with "at the end of the day you still riding a scooter"

bmichaelx 01-24-06 10:05 PM

Okay, in my own defense. I was without a bike for a week, so I went into the garage to see what was cool to do. There I saw a pair of rollerblades, and a scooter. What would you do?

Just a note, you can do TAILWHIPS and BARSPINS on scooters.

wethepeople 01-24-06 10:35 PM

Same situation here, didnt have my bmx for a month and my mtb was broken.

So I grabbed my old scooter and screwed around on it for abit, found out that it was either terribly easy or I was to good. So some friends and I made a video and sent it to razor for giggles, then they respond with a sposorship offer.

Best trick to date is a tailwhip barspin onto a rail, 720 barspin off.

bmichaelx 01-24-06 10:37 PM


BikerLRY 01-25-06 10:14 PM

Originally Posted by Expatriate
What was the name of the TV show with Paris Hilton?

Wasn't it the simple life.

Brian 01-25-06 11:31 PM

Indeed. Indeed it was.

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