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m.d. 01-27-06 08:43 PM

biking xbox games????
anybody know a good bmx xbox game all i have is halo 1 and 2 and some other game anybody know???

crazy bmxer 01-29-06 12:49 AM

there are NO bmx games for xbox

ettsn 01-29-06 11:01 AM

You mean aside from Mirra, XXX and Hoffman? ;)


queensrider86 01-29-06 11:01 AM

Pokemon. one of the best

jc6711 02-05-06 07:52 PM

juiced, transworld snowboarding, men of valor, black hawk down, there all good.

bmichaelx 02-05-06 09:40 PM

I like beach volleyball.... ( :

dirtjumper101 02-06-06 02:07 AM

the warriors is pretty good

sxe fbm rider 02-08-06 06:40 AM

the wariors is AWESOME!

premiumbmx2005 02-08-06 11:24 AM

bah, the only games i play on the xbox is Halo 2 and Burnout 3

bikerguy45 02-10-06 08:42 AM

tony hawk american wasteland you can ride bmx
some basic tricks like tailwhips crankflips decades piviots tabletops back and front flips and superman seatgrab

Darin 02-11-06 06:10 PM

We're working our way through Paper Mario 2 The Thousand Year Door on GameCube. I though it was kinda silly when my son 1st started playing it. But it's actually quite cool.

KinetikBiker 02-13-06 11:50 AM

Dave Mirra 2, but it has a bunch of gliches, to be honest Tony Hawk Wasteland has better BMX then Dave Mirras game...haha

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