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bikerguy45 01-30-06 07:19 PM

New trick?
Ok all of you know the trick surfing or framestanding. I'm not very smart so i dont know if this is a trick. When you get on your back pegs and put you knees against the seat and let go of you hands. Any one here know what it's called cause i would like to know

queensrider86 01-30-06 09:02 PM

it's called a turndown

CMcMahon 01-30-06 09:03 PM

No way, man. That's clearly a rocket queen.

BikerLRY 01-30-06 10:05 PM

Originally Posted by queensrider86
it's called a turndown

I'm not sure but it is definately not a turndown.

bmichaelx 01-30-06 10:14 PM


mude 01-31-06 05:17 PM


bikerguy45 02-01-06 08:50 AM

i guess i wasnt specific enough its a ground or rolling trick

queensrider86 02-01-06 06:20 PM


sxe fbm rider 02-01-06 11:41 PM

I dont think that's trick, if it is it's a sad excuse for one.

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