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Flatland Freak 11-08-02 02:33 PM

Problem with new MX-99 lever?
It seems the new Dia-Compe MX-99 levers with the built in knarps have a problem. When you tighten down the knarp onto the cable, it always seems to freigh and brake a few strands of the cable making a weak point that eventually breaks...and every time you need to take the cable out of the knarp for any reason eg: taking apart the headset, its almost impossible to get the old cable back through and tighten it down without ruining it completely.

Has anyone else had any of these problems with the new levers? I love the idea of not having to use cables with knarps on them, so you can just take any old cable and throw it on, but i think they should do a little re-thinking on the design of the built in one.

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