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Juge 11-09-02 08:49 AM

Beginner What bike?
Sup i'm looking to start BMXing
Would be appreciated if i could get a list of few bikes that would be good for me...
Im 5'6'' 120 lbs.
Looking for around 200 dollarsish to see if i like the sport
Looking to ride mostly street/flatland maybe some dirt or vert but mostly street/flatland
Also if i like the sport i would rather not have to buy a whole new bike but just upgrade some parts
Thanks for your help

Email me at

Rob Begley 11-09-02 07:04 PM

Have you cycled before? Because if you haven't, I would go with a Wal-Mart bike to make sure you even like it first and 200 bucks won't get you to far, thats just my suggestion you don't have to listen to me, that's what I did though.


Juge 11-10-02 07:15 AM

Well i live in miami
I ride around on my Mtn bike but havent really done anything extreme

Thx Juge

mongoosemonster 11-15-02 04:20 PM


as you can tell from my username i love mongoose. im not a fan of todays mongooses cuz they not as good as the old ones. i got a 1985 racing mongoose and i love it. if u get a walmart brand get a mongoose that meets ur demands. they are good quality bikes still its just the style is a lil off from the older ones. they will last for the time you need to get good at what u want to do and they hold pretty good off dirt jumps. after ur finished with it you can always keep it as a spare if ur new bike has given out on ya and is in the shop. this way you can still practice. as for upgrades, they are somewhat subject to upgrades but i would just get a whole new bike. good luck to ya.


e-mail me if u got any other ?'s about bmx

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