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evolvndestroy 11-23-02 09:17 AM

24" Trail Riders
I recently began riding trails on a cruiser, and I must say I really like it. I've been riding 20" forever, and just thought I needed a change. It's alot harder to do turndowns, but my tabletops are flat as hell. HA HA! I'm just curious as to what other riders feel on cruiser trail riders, and experiences of other cruiser devils.

bmxrulz123 12-19-02 04:49 PM

Yo to tell you the truth ive actually done downhill racing on a 24inch bmx and WHEN and IF i made it to the bottom i would win by alot lol but it was pretty hard to make it to the bottom lol with only back breaks lol i didnt think of at the time to throw on some front breaks lol

evolvndestroy 12-24-02 10:40 PM

I've only been riding cruiser for about three months, but in that time I've ridden every terrain possible. I'ts alot of fun, but If your a street rider on 20" like me it does take some getting used too. I'm gonna keep riding cruiser though. I like variety, and broadening my riding skills

MRBMX 01-06-03 10:37 PM

Riding a 24" is a great ride. It is a lot my bike to learn how to control. I have been racing 24" for about 5 years now. I recently started riding 20" again. have to tell ya, I have to learn to ride all over again.

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