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wethepeople 09-02-06 10:24 PM

Where do you get your stuff.
The name says it all, where do you order your bike parts.

other (name it)

Or are you just like me and go to your LBS.

premiumbmx2005 09-02-06 10:26 PM


MadMan2k 09-02-06 10:32 PM

Bought both of my bikes from the bike shop, and some parts and tools, but other than that either Danscomp or Empire.

Jerry Garcia 09-03-06 12:10 AM

dans and local shops

lunchbox 09-04-06 10:28 PM

I just plant seeds in the ground and water then daily.

wethepeople 09-04-06 10:47 PM

Can you grow me a freecoaster?

I'll pay for it's shipping.

premiumbmx2005 09-05-06 02:45 PM

ahhh, i hate freecoasters. i kill myself when i ride them.

Brok3n Arr0w 09-05-06 03:18 PM

what does a freecoaster do?

MadMan2k 09-05-06 03:51 PM

They're a type of rear hub that lets you roll backwards without having to pedal backwards. They have slack in them, which saves you from tipping over if you pedal forward a little when you're going fakie, but also makes it slower to pedal forward.

Brok3n Arr0w 09-05-06 10:00 PM

sounds hazardous. the whole pedal forward while going backward is ok, but the slack idea sounds lame =/

lunchbox 09-05-06 10:04 PM

Originally Posted by wethepeople
Can you grow me a freecoaster?

I'll pay for it's shipping.

Sorry no.

KinetikBiker 09-06-06 07:45 AM

I get my stuff from a local bike shop, if not Staff or Danscomp...

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