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Fast Eddie 09-14-06 08:29 PM

threadless headsets
i have some frames that use 1 1/8" fork stems and i gotta get headsets for them. so far ive only used the old school 1" threaded stems. does anyone have any advice as to what brand name are good, what a typical price for a good head set is, or where to find a deal on em? is there a "standard" type then other variations or are they pretty much all the same for bmx bikes and full sized bikes? what should i look for when purchasing some head sets? all 3 frames have the same inside diameter on the head tube, the head tube wall are all the same thickness, and they are all the same heighth. any help? fast eddie outty

FitRider 921 09-14-06 08:30 PM

Didn't you already make a thread just like this one...?

sporkbaggy 09-14-06 10:18 PM

FSA Pig Unsealed from Albe's if you are not looking to spend that much, Solid if you want the strongest BMX headset.

wethepeople 09-14-06 10:25 PM

Solid if you want one of the best.

racersk66 09-15-06 05:27 AM

Got money.....

KinetikBiker 09-15-06 05:43 AM

Originally Posted by wethepeople
Solid if you want one of the best.

Its true.
Solid headset is the best, and its worth the money.

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