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race-me22 09-17-06 08:41 AM

haro f3
As of right now i have a haro x3. I have been wanting to get into more street and park and have been thinking about getting a haro f3. Is this a decent bike for street/park. If not, do you have any suggestions?

FitRider 921 09-17-06 08:56 AM

No. Keep the bike you have and upgrgade it.

Brian 09-17-06 09:41 AM

He's right. You could do a lot to your X3 for what an F3 would cost, but it shouldn't need that much. How hard do you ride?

race-me22 09-18-06 07:31 PM

Just out of curiousity, what are good to really good bmx bikes for street? Thanks alot.

FuzzyRyder 09-18-06 08:48 PM

Fit flow

wethepeople 09-18-06 08:49 PM

Depends on your skill level.

FitRider 921 09-18-06 09:08 PM

I would assume his skill level is minimal.

wethepeople 09-18-06 09:43 PM

I just noticed on Haros site there is a bike with mags.


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