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bmxrdr88 09-19-06 03:04 PM

slam bars?
anyone got any slam bars? mine snapped yesterday!

snugent 09-19-06 04:26 PM

i've been riding slams since i was 16 and i'm 23 now. i'm only on my second set. the only reason i got a second set was because i wanted wider ones for my race bike, otherwise, i'd still be on my first. how did you snap them, how old are they, etc?

CMcMahon 09-20-06 12:57 AM

I'd love to know how you snapped them, seeing as how I never bent mine.

Anyway... S&M should warranty them.

wethepeople 09-20-06 01:02 AM

I broke my slim bars by missing a tailwhip over a pyramid at the park, so I ditched the bike and it landed right on the corner of them.

Seemed like enough to break alot of bars, maybe i'm wrong though.

bmxrdr88 09-20-06 02:21 PM

i did a fence boost, and i ditched my bike from about nine feet onto pavement and it landed right on the left side of the bars. they were a little bent before though. so that helped it along. but ive had them for almost 3 years. so im not going to warrenty them. they've had a good life.

FitRider 921 09-20-06 02:41 PM

Originally Posted by bmxrdr88
so im not going to warrenty them. they've had a good life.

you're not gonna get free bars? are you insane?

bmxrdr88 09-20-06 03:05 PM

no, its just the fact that they've lasted me almost three years, and they've gone through alot. so why not support the company somemore and just buy a new set?

eightdip 09-20-06 03:06 PM

Because most of us are pretty poor

FitRider 921 09-20-06 03:29 PM

You'd rather spend $40-$60 on new bars instead of getting brand new bars for free? I don't think I could do that.

wethepeople 09-20-06 03:46 PM

I can deal with that.

I could warrentee The General, but i'm not going to.

KinetikBiker 09-22-06 08:32 PM

I have Slams, and they are the best.
I can x-up so much better, and they are more comfortable and all that good stuff.
They even help my horrible tables become less horrible!

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