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FuzzyRyder 09-19-06 10:18 PM

Good news, and bad news...
I learned 360's tonight!!!! but I also broke my wrist :( bunkkkk

wethepeople 09-19-06 10:50 PM

Welcome to the broken thing somewhere at the end of your arm club!!

Current members, you and I.

MadMan2k 09-19-06 10:55 PM

Hop 3's? Or flyout/air ones?

Sucks about the wrist.

FuzzyRyder 09-19-06 11:07 PM

Off a 2 foot wooden wedge ramp.

FitRider 921 09-20-06 12:26 PM

Oh. Pretty sweet, except for the wrist thing... welcome to the 'current broken appendages' club. Members: you and I.

wethepeople 09-20-06 01:19 PM

*****, I already have a club going on.

Read my other post.

FitRider 921 09-20-06 02:40 PM

He can be in more than one club.

FuzzyRyder 09-20-06 02:40 PM

Haha, The difference between me and you wethepeople, is that you can still ride. The doc said its broken right on my growth plate, and it's acctually a bad buckle fracture, he said it should heal fairly quick, like 3 weeks. It sucks though because the snow is not too far away. I'll still be able to ride because my buddie owns a warehouse, but Winnipeg just got a new skatepark this summer and its suppsed to be the best in north america. 28,000 sf amazing street plaza section, and a 12,000 sf insane bowl with a huge 20ft over vert cradle and 13ft over vert pocket, and trasitions ranging from 5 to 11ft high. I've ridden there tons, but i want to keep riding there! To bad its not indoor. Do you snowboard wethepeople?

wethepeople 09-20-06 03:47 PM

Snow is the enemy.

FuzzyRyder 09-20-06 04:31 PM

Haha for biking yeah. But I love snowboarding too.

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