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racersk66 09-21-06 06:31 AM

gt santa anna
How much do you think a 82' GT SANTA ANNA is worth completely stock. except for the chain and freewheel and tires.

mude 09-21-06 07:50 PM


Brian 09-21-06 08:06 PM

Give or take about $5.

wethepeople 09-21-06 10:24 PM

If you put discs on it you might make another pretty penny.

racersk66 09-22-06 05:58 AM

MAybe I will.

Brian 09-22-06 06:33 AM

And suspension forks. Some fool will lust after that ghetto beast.

racersk66 09-22-06 01:28 PM

Oh yeh and maybe I'll put a gold chain on it too.

mude 09-22-06 04:48 PM

hey fast eddie...

racersk66 09-22-06 06:55 PM

Originally Posted by mude
hey fast eddie...


eightdip 09-23-06 02:30 PM

Fast eddie outty

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