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KinetikBiker 09-23-06 07:48 AM

New companys
What does everyone think of all these new companys poping up like:
Mirra Co.

FitRider 921 09-23-06 08:08 AM

I think Mirra Co is going to be pretty good. Their frames are probably going to be top notch. I never heard about the others.

premiumbmx2005 09-23-06 10:15 AM

i think united is going to be good all together, subrosas team is pretty sick, and mirra co's completes will be decent.

combine them all? haha

eightdip 09-23-06 01:30 PM

Corey Martinez is on United isn't he?

FuzzyRyder 09-23-06 02:06 PM

Mike Ardelean is on united. His bike check is up on

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