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sherlok 10-02-06 10:01 AM

Coming Back
Hey guys, I know you get like 15 of these threads a week hopefully mines a bit different. Tried searching and got nothing, but I've read the stickies.

So I quit biking about 5 years ago and now that I'm in college and have some free time and cash I was hoping to get back into it.

I've been looking at danscomp and went down to a local shop today. They have the 2k7 6-pack for 310. Asked af ew of my friends and they said I should go for it.

It's been a while so I just have a few questions. I was wondering if it's cheaper to build your own bike then buy a complete. If so I was wondering if anyone had any parts recommendations, (I'm trying to stay in the price range of the 6-pack) or is it cheaper to get a complete. There's so many new companies since I've been into this I have no idea whats what anymore.

Also when I went to look at the bike it seemed really...small. It's got a 20.5" top tube and considering I haven't biked in so long maybe it's just perspective. I'm like 5'11 and 145.

Also when I rode we rode with no brakes, it was jsut easier and oryg's were kinda new. Is it worth it now to invest in an oryg/gyro or is brake-less still the way to go. can I put one on the 6-pack?

thanks in advance.

FitRider 921 10-02-06 10:31 AM

It's much cheaper to buy a complete. Gyros are uneccessary (sp) and most people either go brake-less or use a straight cable. You are a bit tall, so you might like a 20.75 or 21 inch toptube.

Jerry Garcia 10-02-06 10:36 AM

If you really wanted to build, you could buy a frame on sale from dans and one of the parts packages. I would only recommend this if you think you can afford to upgrade soon as the parts packages arent the best. The size of that dk wont be a problem, you will get used to it. Also, brakeless is still popular.

wethepeople 10-02-06 12:17 PM

Just for reference i'm 5'11 and 150ish and I ride a 20.1.

It's just preference.

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